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Re: Re: Re: Re: Garden design tool

Message from Joanne Evans

In forum: Garden design

Thanks for the message. I've tried that option. However it is still not clear what scale it is being printed to on A4.

I'll be starting to use Vectorworks next year so that should hopefully solve the problem.

Regards Joanne

  • Posted: Tue. 22nd December 2015 15:36

Pineapple sage

Comment from Jill Chambers

In forum: Salvia elegans

Can you keep it over the winter?

  • Posted: Fri. 23rd October 2015 16:19

Re: Name that plant, Please

Message from Margaret Tillott

In forum: Identify a plant

Message to Christine.

Thank you so much for the name of the plant. It has been bugging me for ages and I felt it was a weed, as the milky sap was very sticky...did wash my hands after.....Thanks again you have saved my sanity.

  • Posted: Sat. 4th July 2015 19:50

Re: Avocado Tree

Message from Kathy C

In forum: Trees and shrubs

Hi, Pam,
Many avocado farmers will cut their trees way back since they get leggy and tend to only produce fruit at the top of the tree, making harvest difficult. Also, hard pruning old trees saves on water usage, a must in most places where avocados are grown. When hard pruned, they tend to cut very low, but above where the trunk starts to branch out (many avocados tend to branch very low on the trunk). I'm not sure what kind of framework your cut trunk has, but I can assume the sprout will grow and branch off eventually. I would suggest picking the strongest sprout and remove the other. As the sprout grows, you can prune it to promote more branching.
All the best,
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 2nd March 2015 17:07

Re: Frost protection for cordylines

Message from Nicola

In forum: General

Hi Bill, A message for you from Andy who is a Horticulturalist and Lecturer at the University of Liverpool Botanic Gardens Ness. " Bill is fine leaving his frost protection in place through cold snap & all the way to spring." I hope that helps? Thanks Nicola

  • Posted: Sun. 28th December 2014 08:35

reply to message

Message from david

In forum: Identify a plant

thxs a lot for the suggestion of the plant I was looking for Elaine,,,, thought would be nice to say thxs,,,,from david

  • Posted: Wed. 1st October 2014 18:55

Re: pruning

Message from vernon jackson

In forum: General

Message for Elaine Hutson,thank you for information regarding Buddleja Globosa,this has been most helpful.

  • Posted: Fri. 26th September 2014 17:28

Re: Re: where can I buy a iIex?

Message from Mr T Martin

In forum: Trees and shrubs

Hi, Nicola, thank you for your message dated 28, August, I did not know any one had replied to my request for ilex aquifolium night glow, I am not very good with computers! this holly which I saw on website "ilex garden" and "flora wonder" I think they are in Germany and USA, it is a most beautiful light coloured holly you will see what I mean if you look up these websites, it is a must have for me, I have hollies, Golden king and Ripleys Gold, and want, Golden Milkboy and silver Milkmaid but Night Glow looks fasinating, if you can help email me at, tom1945@talktalk.net regards tom.

  • Posted: Tue. 9th September 2014 22:07

Re: Climbers

Message from Nicola

In forum: General

Hi John, thanks for the update. To reply to yourself login and click the Reply link above the message top left.

  • Posted: Fri. 25th July 2014 13:35

Re: Carrots, Why did they do this

Message from Nicola

In forum: Edible gardening

Hi John, another message on Twitter "probably too tough soil but could be disease or nematode caused." Hope that helps?

  • Posted: Thu. 10th July 2014 09:39

Re: A poorly Ena Harkness

Message from Eileen mcalonan

In forum: Rosa 'Climbing Ena Harkness'

Hi Elaine
Thanks for your message - I have since sprayed some diluted washing up liquid on the roses and they have improved a bit. If its still a problem I'll try the brand you mentioned. Couldn't find any evidence of caterpillars - would they attack the flower too - some blooms have completely dropped off!
Will keep an eye on it.

  • Posted: Wed. 4th June 2014 19:27

Re: Anyone have any idea what this plant is?

Message from Carol

In forum: Identify a plant

Are you sure it isn't some kind of sage? It looks very sage-y. Have you got any closer up leaf or flower pictures?

  • Posted: Tue. 11th March 2014 17:24

Anyone have any idea what this plant is?

Question from dissentinglemming

In forum: Identify a plant

I have searched to the edge of sanity to try and figure out what this plant is. I found it in Central Florida, USA in the beginning "winter". The mother plant that I took the cutting from was standing about 8-9 ft (2.5m) tall -- one single stem-- in front of an apartment complex that had mostly dead Crotons and gravel. So this thing was deliberately planted a while ago, probably by some transient, then left to fend for itself.

It has pleasantly fuzzy leaves, gentler than those of comfrey or sage, but less fluffy than lambs ears. Both the leaves and stem, when blemished or broken, smell pretty dank, very much like (don't judge me) marijuana. The flavor is very bitter -- would probably make a great astringent.

It flowers purple in the same way that Basil or Sage would.

I've planted them in full sun and full shade and they do well everywhere. The cuttings are incredibly easy to propagate. As a matter of fact, in the process of training them to grow only to 4 or 5 feet, the cuttings I left to rot grew into new plants. They also bush out when cut back to 5 feet or less.

It was exposed to frost several times this winter, and there was no die-back. So they're at least zone 8 hearty.

Anybody have a clue what this may be?

  • Posted: Mon. 24th February 2014 13:26

RHS infuriates national association of cut flower growers

Comment from Nicola

In forum: General

A single tweet from InterfloraUK yesterday [6th February] started an online battle that went on late into the night and looks set to continue. The ‘Ultimate Love Bouquet' [available to order for Valentine's Day at £195] has been created through teamwork with the Royal Horticultural Society [RHS] and also bears the RHS logo.

Gill Hodgson of Flowers from The Farm, the national association of cut flower growers, who retweeted it and opened the floodgates. She said: "I was so angry that the RHS, who are the UK's leading gardening charity, would endorse a bouquet made up of predominantly imported material: it sends out completely the wrong message and destroys all of our hard work.

"Right now, British growers have superb tulips grown in Lincolnshire, stunning Anemones and gloriously scented Narcissi from Cornwall and the Scillies. We have all seen the appalling weather conditions in the South West and can only imagine the heartbreak of the farmers and growers who are seeing their crops destroyed. To see the RHS then championing scentless flowers mass-produced in South America is soul-destroying."

No response was forthcoming from the RHS during the day but Interflora did post some tweets claiming that 60% of the bouquet's content was British-grown and, in the late afternoon, stuck BRITISH GROWN labels on 5 of the 10 species in the bouquet. Sara Venn, a professional horticulturalist from Bristol, spoke to Interflora's Communications Manager on the phone and has threatened to involve Trading Standards if the BRITISH GROWN labels are not removed.

The growers' anger, though, is mainly directed against the RHS. "We are working so hard to bring new blood into the industry," said Gill, "There's a dearth of young growers and the RHS itself has a dedicated schools' division to encourage new entrants and yet, on Valentine's day - one of the peaks in the growers' year - they promote imported produce".

  • Posted: Fri. 7th February 2014 10:39

Re: Re: Saving Plan

Message from Tina

In forum: Recommended products

Yes got your facebook message thanks. Am redoing plan saving more often and will log out before 6 hours next time. Thanks

  • Posted: Sun. 26th January 2014 15:12

Re: Re: can anyone id please?

Message from Eileen mcalonan

In forum: Identify a plant

Hi Elaine
Thanks for your message. Yes it does look like. Sadly that plant doesn't seem to be on the Shoot database. Thanks for your help though.

  • Posted: Wed. 23rd October 2013 06:19

Re: Re: please help with an id query

Message from Eileen mcalonan

In forum: Identify a plant

Hi Carol
Thank you very much for your message and for the extra info re the flowers. Will try putting more drainage holes into the dahlia container and try again next year!

  • Posted: Wed. 23rd October 2013 06:15

Re: Re: Slug damage to Escallonia rubra var macrantha

Message from Eileen mcalonan

In forum: Pests, diseases and invasive biosecurity risks

Hi Elaine
Thanks for your message. I did try to fight the slugs with slug pellets but think I'll try another method instead or as well to keep them at bay! I have heard that concentrated garlic spray is good or the beer baiting that you mention.
I have since had another look at the shrub but my step son was helping out with some gardening one evening last week and think he must have trod on it in the fading light! There's very little of the plant above ground - I can just about see the remains of a stalk! Will it recover from that do you know?! :-)

  • Posted: Sun. 29th September 2013 19:46

Re: Re: Golden pineapple sage-like mystery plant

Message from Susan

In forum: Identify a plant

Yes, all of the picture I can find, show that the flowers are red. The photo has lightened the flower colour, they look almost black in the garden.
Further exploring on the internet has led me to Salvia guaranitica or anise sage, the black 'flowers'are just the calyces, the flowers have yet to come out.

  • Posted: Sun. 9th June 2013 11:12

Re: Golden pineapple sage-like mystery plant

Message from Veronique

In forum: Identify a plant

I have grown pineapple sage but it has a brilliant red flower stalk. I have not ever seen a purple one. Maybe it is a new cultivar.

  • Posted: Sun. 9th June 2013 10:23