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Re: Re: lavender? :)

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

Carol the leaves of Echinops are more thistle like, this is such a finely dissected leaf like one of the hardy geraniums, if it is I am not familiar with this one, well it sure opened up a debate.

  • Posted: Sat. 13th July 2013 18:15

Re: lavender? :)

Message from Carol

In forum: Identify a plant

Could the blue flower be a tiny Echinops ritro?

  • Posted: Sat. 13th July 2013 15:19

Re: lavender? :)

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

The yellow flower is a California poppy or eschscholzia califrnica, the blue must so other annual, does not look like love in a mist, but maybe someone will identify it for you. No lavender, I am afraid.

  • Posted: Sat. 13th July 2013 15:08

lavender? :)

Question from gideon l

In forum: Identify a plant

I had planted what I thought was lavender bought as seeds in closed labeled packages. But what has grown, although quite pretty, I think is something other than lavender... Can anyone tell me what it is? Maybe it is lavender, and the flowing year it will grow to more of what I am used to. It has really pretty lavender colored pompoms. And now it has also grown pretty yellow blossoms. I threw the envelopes away, so I'm not sure what the type it was supposed to be. Thank you for any help anyone can give. Gideon

  • Posted: Sat. 13th July 2013 14:00

Re: Can anyone identify this?

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

Would appreciate a close up of the leaves and a picture of the flower when it does, A guess would be linaria purpurea, Canon's went, but that is long shot, they do seed themselves, it is a pretty plant with either lavender or pink flowers .

  • Posted: Sun. 2nd June 2013 19:52

Re: can anyone identify this plant?

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

could be a hesperis, when it flowers, either in lavender or white and has fragrant flowers, then you should take some pics. and post it for id. again.

  • Posted: Mon. 6th May 2013 12:41

beginners planting confusion!

Question from Sophie

In forum: Rosa 'Dame de Coeur'

i bought a "grow your own" today it was only a few pound so i thought i woould give it a go but the insructions on the box weren't very clear. it was a half grown root (i think) that you had to soak in water then plant but that was all i could gather from the box, it just eludes me on how to care for the flipping thing, when it blooms, when to deadhead etc (i personally don't like to deadhead it feels cruel and im not sure why it is necessary - insight please?) i am a beginner to all of this i have grown herbs etc like i am now and i have carrots and beetroot that have just germinated but i would like to also have something for the actual garden to pretty it up a bit more (i prefer to grow thing i can use or eat like my lavender and veg)

  • Posted: Mon. 1st April 2013 17:29

Re: Statice

Message from Kathy C

In forum: Limonium 'Sea Lavender Mixed'

Hi, Natalia,
Which Limonium do you have? Some are fully hardy, some borderline, some tender in frost. Alll are perennial. Do you have the 'Sea Lavender Mixed'? My guess is they are cultivars derived from Limonium sinuatum (common name statice) which are native to the Mediterranean and frost hardy at best. Also, no matter which Limonium it is, none like to be waterlogged in winter.
All the best,
Kathy C

  • Posted: Tue. 5th March 2013 00:58

Does anyone know what this is please?

Question from Leafy H

In forum: Identify a plant

This plant just started growing in my garden a few years ago. I did not plant it, so I'm wondering how it got there and what it is. It is now nearly a metre high, and has lasted frosts and bad winters. It has never had any flowers at all, just glossy evergreen leaves. It looks like a camellia to me, although I'm not sure, as I have never grown one. It is growing in a small sheltered sunny south facing border along with rosemary and lavender. Can anyone please identify for certain, and can it be moved somewhere more appropriate? Thanks for you help.

  • Posted: Mon. 4th March 2013 13:44

Re: Flowering months

Message from Nicola

In forum: Gilia capitata

Hi Penny, if you visit the Gilia capitata plant page we say "Flowers Lavender, Blue in Summer" which is May and June but the actual flowering months may vary based on the climate in your area. You may find it flowers earlier in April. Cheers Nicola

  • Posted: Sun. 24th February 2013 18:00

Re: Ident help please

Message from Carol

In forum: Identify a plant

Santolina (cotton lavender)
Can't see clearly - are those blue-tinged berries on the third?

  • Posted: Thu. 21st June 2012 18:44

Re: Lavender - Silver Sands

Message from Kathy C

In forum: Lavandula 'Silver Sands'

Hi, Queenie,
As far as I can tell, all lavender plants are edible but some are more palatable than others. The buds of Lavandula angustifolia (English lavender) is the preferred lavender for cooking.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Tue. 19th June 2012 18:01

Lavender - Silver Sands

Question from Queenie Yang

In forum: Lavandula 'Silver Sands'

Is this Lavender a edible plant?

  • Posted: Thu. 14th June 2012 20:55

Lavender - Silver Sands

Comment from Queenie Yang

In forum: Lavandula 'Silver Sands'

is the flower edible for this Lavender Plant?

  • Posted: Thu. 14th June 2012 20:46

Re: Help

Message from Debbie

In forum: Identify a plant

Hi. I think this could be Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender'. Nice plant.

  • Posted: Sun. 10th June 2012 16:29

Re: Pruning Group 6

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Little Spire'

Perovskia is considered a sub shrub like lavender. You can cut it back to the ground every Feb. it will sprout and bloom on new growth.

  • Posted: Tue. 5th June 2012 13:35

Re: Pruning of silver anouk lavender

Message from Nicola

In forum: Lavandula stoechas 'Night of Passion'

Hi Giovanni, Thanks for joining Shoot and for your question. To get pruning advice for this lavender please login and add it to your plants list. You will then be given access to specific how to care advice including pruning. This will appear in the plant page and in your My care calendar so you will get reminders of what to do and when.

I hope you enjoy Shoot! All the best Nicola

  • Posted: Fri. 16th March 2012 07:50

Pruning of silver anouk lavender

Question from Giovanni Tonelli

In forum: Lavandula stoechas 'Night of Passion'

When do you prune this plant & how much should be removed? Thanks

  • Posted: Thu. 15th March 2012 19:49

Re: Mediterranean garden

Message from Elizabeth M Butler

In forum: Garden Landscaping and Design Forum Event

Rosemary and Lavender would look nice and they like dry and need little pruning, You can get prostrate rosemarys with pinky flowers or light blue or dark blue. Also there are many types of lavender with reddish colours as well as the traditional purple/mauve. Sun rose or rock rose would also be good and don't grow too big. Santonlina, (cotton lavender) is also lovely. It grows about 2 feet in height, has greyish leaves and little spherical pale yellow flowers, again just prune lightly in autumen and again about 1 - 2 inches in spring to get lots of flowers. Prostrate junipers are also good and come in different greens, some dark green, some bluish green. Happy gardening! I've just realised you've already got a prostrate juniper. It's not looking very well though but it would probably survive if you cut out the dead wood in the spring. Maybe dig it up to see what's causing the dead stuff, perhaps it was the heavy winters we've been having. Hope you get it like you want it!

  • Posted: Wed. 8th February 2012 11:18

Re: Prunus laurocerasus

Message from Penny Busby

In forum: Prunus laurocerasus

Hi Ray,
I agree with Ciaran, that generally Cherry Laurel would be too large a plant for an edging plant, plus it would take too much water and nutrients out of the soil for other plants nearby.

If your site is sunny and free-draining (not too cold and wet in winter) English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) can make an attractive low hedge or a small form of Hebe.

  • Posted: Mon. 9th January 2012 09:43