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Re: sweet rocket

Message from BEEELLEJAY

In forum: Hesperis matronalis

Thanks Elaine for your reply. It behaves like that in my garden too.

  • Posted: Mon. 17th June 2013 21:27

Re: sweet rocket

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Hesperis matronalis

It acts like a biennial for me.

  • Posted: Sat. 15th June 2013 12:51

sweet rocket

Question from BEEELLEJAY

In forum: Hesperis matronalis

Is sweet rocket perennial.

  • Posted: Sat. 15th June 2013 10:47

Re: Re: Please help name this plant for me.

Message from Brian

In forum: Identify a plant

Hi Elaine,
Thanks for your reply.
The only reference to petasites on this site is for Petasites japonicus (Sweet coltsfoot).
The description for this is not as for my foundling.
If you click on the photo in my post you will see better the shape of the plant which is only 4 inches tall and about 2 & half inches diameter.
Maybe I am not looking in the right place. Can you help in this.
Best regards, Brian

  • Posted: Wed. 1st May 2013 03:32

Re: Unknown evergreen shrub - assistance required

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

Eleagnus for sure, common name Russian olive, most of them now are variegated, ebbengei, E. pungens maculata, this one does not look yellow or even the variety called quick silver. It flowers in Oct. with a small sweetly fragrant flower followed by a fruit.

  • Posted: Tue. 30th April 2013 21:26

Re: Does anyone know what this is please?

Message from carol sherratt

In forum: Identify a plant


It could be laurel daphne or spurge daphne. Here they self seed freely from next door. Has sweet smelling flowers and grows to 3 feet.

Just a thought.



  • Posted: Sun. 28th April 2013 19:35

Re: What bush is this please (number 3)

Message from carol sherratt

In forum: Identify a plant


This may be japanese honeysuckle - lonicera japonica - has sweet smelling flowers and tiny black berries - which birds love.

Some leaves may remain through winter.



  • Posted: Sun. 28th April 2013 19:12


Question from anni shearer

In forum: Philodendron scandens

I need to know more about propagation of my Sweetheart vine

  • Posted: Sun. 28th April 2013 13:28

Sweet Pea "Toby Robinson"

Comment from Chookie

In forum: Trade plants & Swap plants

Lathyrus odorata Sweet pea Toby Robinson seeds needed.I am planting a family name garden and need to plant Toby for my Grandson. Will pay postage if anyone has seeds.I am in Australia and cannot find it here at all..

  • Posted: Tue. 23rd April 2013 04:57

Sweet Pea "Toby Robinson"

Comment from Chookie

In forum: Trade plants & Swap plants

Seeds needed

  • Posted: Tue. 23rd April 2013 04:56

Identification help

Question from Viv Moir

In forum: Identify a plant

This small ground cover plan, perhaps an alpine, is flowering now. The leaves are small, narrow and slightly waxy, dark green. The tiny little flowers remind me of mini sweet peas. There are two main purpley/pink petals with a bright yellow centre. It is growing in a garden trough at the moment. I would like to propogate this plant and use it as a ground cover plant. I would appreciate some advice.

  • Posted: Sun. 10th March 2013 15:09


Comment from sophieprew@hotmail.co.uk

In forum: General

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to pop up this little post as it may be of interest to some of you.... Silver River Productions are producing a new primetime Gardening Programme for BBC2.

The programme will be an exciting and stimulating series which will reveal all the wonderful possibilities that can be unlocked from one patch of earth. From vegetables to fruits and flowers, this programme will illustrate that gardens aren’t just for sitting in!

We are looking for pairs of contestants (The pairs can be anyone you choose: friends, neighbours, family, colleagues and more) who have the skills and the dedication to compete to be the nation's best kitchen gardener. Someone who can cultivate the perfect carrot, make their green tomatoes into award winning chutney and turn their dahlias and sweet peas into floral arrangements fit for a Queen.

We would like to hear from people who believe they have the skills to compete and are interested in featuring in our series.
It couldn’t be easier to apply, all you need to do is email grow@silverriver.tv for an application form or view the attached flyer.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting me 0207 307 2741.

Kind Regards,


  • Posted: Thu. 21st February 2013 17:43

Re: Rose similar to ..............

Message from John Paisley

In forum: Rosa Sweet Dream

Hi Edward,
'Sweet Memories' is a sport from 'Sweet Dream' so exactly the same plant genetically except for the colour. If it is a similar colour you're after how about 'Flower Power' or 'Fond Memories'
Best Wishes,
John Paisley,
Wych Cross Garden Centre

  • Posted: Mon. 4th February 2013 09:44

Rose similar to ..............

Question from Edward Gregory

In forum: Rosa Sweet Dream

Can you tell me a variety of patio rose similar to 'sweet dreams' ?


  • Posted: Sat. 2nd February 2013 19:19

Please can you identify this rose?

Question from Sophia Silverman

In forum: Identify a plant

I have inherited this rose in my new garden. It stands about 1.6 m high unsupported although I have now put a support in place for it. It has been in flower since spring and is still flowering now in November. The flowers are about 5 cms accross, pink with a splash of yellow in the centre and have a lovely sweet scent. The leaves are quite small and light in colour, I'd love to know it's name if anyone can help identify it. Thank you

  • Posted: Mon. 26th November 2012 19:41

Can anyone identify this plant?

Photo from Jenny Hicken

In forum: Identify a plant

Found beside a field of sweet corn. Beautifully scented and full of bees. About 18" and possibly annuals. Soft feathery foliage.- the flowers look hazy because of the long stamens. Has anyone grown it in a garden or might it get rampant?

Click images to enlarge

  • Posted: Thu. 25th October 2012 20:25

Re: Please help me identify this plant

Message from Ruth

In forum: Identify a plant

It looks similar to chilli an sweet peppers to me.

  • Posted: Mon. 22nd October 2012 20:21

Re: plant id request

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

Looks like sarcococa, check spelling, it is a winter blooming shrub, with a sweet fragrance.

  • Posted: Wed. 26th September 2012 16:31

Acidic tomatoes

Question from Glensgirl

In forum: Edible gardening

hello everyone, can any of you advise as to what might be making my toms taste a bit acidic rather sweet? I have two types, both cherries - one free with Gardener's World and one from seeds from a beautifully sweet Tesco tomato - so I know they are both from decent stock. Is it lack of sun or lack of food?? Thanks! PS, all growing well, to expected size and ripening well - just not particularly sweet.

  • Posted: Sun. 12th August 2012 19:20

Re: Re: What is this climbing plant?

Message from Mrs Llorn Greaves

In forum: Identify a plant

Also known as 'bittersweet' the entire plant is poisonious

  • Posted: Wed. 25th July 2012 10:32