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Message from Simon Hickmott

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Jack by the Hedge, Alliaria petiolata.

  • Posted: Thu. 24th June 2021 17:17

Re: Is this a weed?

Message from Carol

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I've had some come up in a pot in my garden this month too! In the back of my head a bell was ringing saying 'wild mustard' - but I wasn't sure. I found a website with a key to identifying wildflowers, (www.botanicalkeys.co.uk) and with only half the questions answered it came up with 'garlic mustard'/ Alliaria petiolata. See what you think if you google some images. Not sure I fancy eating it!

  • Posted: Tue. 1st May 2012 10:10

Alliaria petiolata

Comment from Georgie

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I grow this pretty herb in semi shade to provide food for the caterpillars of Orange Tip and Green Veined White butterflies. It nestles happily with other herbs that can tolerate semi shade such as the Mentha family and Nepeta.


  • Posted: Sun. 19th April 2009 20:25