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Re: Re: I need this plant!! Please help with the name

Message from Edyta

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Anemone nemorosa? was it?

  • Posted: Wed. 29th May 2013 07:57

Re: Re: Re: Wildflowers

Message from Barry Tabor

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Good Morning, Candy - not a very warm one, unfortunately!
We have bluebells right against a west-facing wall under an overhanging projection, which means that they get no direct rain, and very little blown their way by the wind, but they are in gravel, which helps, and they flower well, and the clump gets a little bigger each year. You mention hawkweed (was Hieraceum, now Pilosella, as you rightly point out) and it is an interesting plant in its own right, and is a worthy addition wherever it will fit in, so long as you don't mind it spreading its seeds around downwind for a mile or two. The most beautiful must be P aurantiacum - not always easy to get, but quick to make itself at home when you have it. Not an English native, unfortunately, but near enough that I use it (prolifically, in places). It has that rare virtue of being a clear and deep orange colour. Anemone nemorosa might work for you, and it is certainly found growing wild at some English woodland edges, but strictly praking, it isn't a native, according to the purists. I use it and enjoy it, but I'm not a purist ..........

  • Posted: Tue. 18th October 2011 07:33