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Re: Plant query

Message from Garden Designer

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Hi Rachael,

We posted this out on our social media sites and got some answers for you. The suggestions are Bellis perennis or an Aster. I hope this has helped you with your plant identification.

All the best, Tania from Shoot

  • Posted: Fri. 27th May 2016 08:49

Re: Common bedding plant...

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

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English daisy or Bellis perennis

  • Posted: Sun. 22nd May 2016 11:45

Re: Re: White pompom and Licorice Allsort!

Message from Fenella Dunn

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Would agree .. Bellis perennis..spring bedding used as edging.

  • Posted: Mon. 11th April 2011 18:18

Bellis perennis

Comment from Miriam Mesa-Villalba

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The flowers open during the day and close at night. The name is almost certainly a corruption of 'day's eye'.They are a useful nectar source for many solitary bees and flies. Perhaps if the daisy were not so common, we would appreciate it more. Many people might agree that a lawn without at least a few of these simple but lovely plants is the poorer for their absence. Daisies have been feted by poets from Chaucer onwards. It is a plant woven into our culture like almost no other.

  • Posted: Wed. 20th May 2009 18:53