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Re: Anybody know what this plant is ?

Message from pauline

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It’s campanula persicifolia.

  • Posted: Wed. 13th June 2018 23:35

Re: Help please -

Message from Anna French

In forum: Identify a plant

Hi I think it's a type of bell flower possibly Campanula persicifolia. Hope that helps!

  • Posted: Tue. 28th July 2015 18:36

Re: What flower

Message from Sue Jeffries

In forum: Identify a plant

I agree definitely a Campanula - possibly Campanula persicifolia, which is a perennial plant, so look after it and it will flower every year.

  • Posted: Sun. 21st July 2013 13:12

Re: Novice gardener

Message from Angie Robertson

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I have no idea what the first one is. My first thoughts on the middle one was wallflower, I then thought the foliage looks pretty much like the leaves on my campanula persicifolia so am undecided on that one.
The last one is Foxglove.

  • Posted: Mon. 13th May 2013 18:00

Re: Bad rainstorm damage

Message from Patricia Jones

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Don't cut it down until all the flowers have finished.
Campanula Persicifolia develops its new flowers on the same flowering stem, to promote this, deadhead regularly. Just tie it to a stake for this season.Cut the stem down to the base foliage (which will stay on the plant through the winter)
Instead of staking next year try pinching out the new shoots when they are around 6 inches tall.This will provide a bushier plant that will withstand a downpour or two.

  • Posted: Tue. 29th May 2012 11:01

Re: Deadheading

Message from Angie Robertson

In forum: Campanula persicifolia 'Blue Bloomers'

Hi Tracy
Your plant will have many flower heads on the same stalk, therefore you should nip out each flower bud as it fails. You can do this with your thumb and forefinger alternatively use a small sharp pair of scissors.
You could of course leave each stalk until all the flowers are dead and follow the stalk down to where it meets the base of the plant and snip of here.
The method you use will of course be whatever suits you, but remember if you allow the seed heads to ripen and drop you will have little seedlings next year.
I have a similar Campanula persicifolia, and to be honest, I don't find the second flush of flowers worth worrying over, they can be very sparse and around half the height of the first flush. This again is personal choice.
Hope this helps you a bit.

  • Posted: Sun. 24th July 2011 22:28