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Re: Is it a Wildflower?

Message from Nicola

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Hi Ken, a lot the same reply on our social media too:

"Centranthus Ruber"
"valerian, comes in pink, red or white. grow wild on walls and rocky outcrops. as a herb used to help with sleep."
"Valerian Centranthus ruber"
"Red valarian, butterfly & bee plant"
"Common name Red Valerian"
"Centranthus ruber 'Coccineus'"

Hope that helps?
Cheers, Nicola

  • Posted: Tue. 18th June 2019 06:48

Re: Is it a Wildflower?

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

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Centranthus ruber

  • Posted: Mon. 17th June 2019 14:00

Re: Does anyone know what this is?!

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

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Just a guess, could it be Centranthus ruber?

  • Posted: Wed. 5th June 2019 14:08

Re: Never seen this 5 foot umbellifer before

Message from Nigel Taylor

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Well now, this has been very educational! When I saw the two suggestions that it might be valerian I thought 'No way. This plant is over 5 feet tall'. My immediate thought was that the reference was to the white form ('albus') of the red-flowered plant that we commonly call valerian (Centranthus ruber).

I was about to shrug my shoulders and resign myself to waiting for more replies when I thought I would do a little Internet digging. I googled 'white valerian' and there I found multiple images of two clearly different plants. One was obviously the plant I have already mentioned, but lo and behold the other looked much more promising - Valeriana officinalis, which is also (much more logically) called valerian. And this is indeed the plant in question. So thank you, Carol and Nicola. You are spot on, and I'm sorry I doubted you initially! I'm eagerly awaiting receiving seed from my friend before long.

  • Posted: Sun. 17th June 2018 14:24

Re: Re: What is this plant?

Message from Nicola

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Thanks Elaine!

Hi Sandy, here is Centranthus ruber listed in Shoot. I hope this helps?

You can now add to your plant list in Shoot so you don't forget the name.

Cheers, Nicola

  • Posted: Sun. 29th April 2018 09:25

Re: What is this plant?

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

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A close up of the leaf helps, looks like Centranthus ruber or Jupiter beard, blooms a long time, seeds get blown much like dandelios.

  • Posted: Sat. 28th April 2018 13:51

Re: White inflorescence, 5-petaled flowers, opposite? lanceolate leaves

Message from Hilary

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Looks to me like the white form of Centranthus ruber, red valerian, but don't quote me on it!

  • Posted: Thu. 31st October 2013 13:51

Re: keen but clueless

Message from C

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could be Centranthus ruber (Valerian)

  • Posted: Wed. 17th July 2013 15:54

Re: Re: Please identify

Message from Nicola

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Thanks Cheryl!

Hi Anna - here is Centranthus ruber in Shoot. Hope that helps!

  • Posted: Tue. 12th June 2012 07:08

Re: Please identify

Message from Cheryl Cummings

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It's Centranthus ruber, common name Red Valerian, a native plant that likes dry conditions. It has a white flowered relative which makes a lovely garden plant as does this red one, which is sometimes more of a dark pink.

  • Posted: Tue. 12th June 2012 07:00

Re: Can somebody help me identify this plant/weed?

Message from Valerie Munro

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Hi Peter

It is a very healthy Centranthus ruber - and although normally called red valerian, it sometimes appears in white.

If it is growing in your garden and you like it, then it is a plant, if it is in your garden and interfering with your over-all plan, then it is a weed. These tough plants are normally found in hostile places such as seaside cliffs, quarries, walls and steep banks.

The plant in your photo is obviously enjoying the high life of your wonderful garden soil!

Hope that this helps
Auntie Planty

  • Posted: Sun. 22nd August 2010 12:18

Centranthus ruber

Comment from Miriam Mesa-Villalba

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This fine cottage garden plant is original from the Mediterranean. The flowers are a source of nectar for bees and also many butterflies and moths, including the hummingbird hawk-moth.
The name Centranthus originates from the Greek words kentron, meaning a spur, and anthos, meaning a flower. This is a reference to the corolla, the petals as a whole having spurs at the base.

  • Posted: Thu. 18th June 2009 18:52

This plant is featured at Chelsea Flower Show 2009

Comment from Nicola

In forum: Centranthus ruber var coccineus

Centranthus ruber var coccineus (Red valerian) has been used in The HESCO Garden by Leeds City Council for Chelsea Flower Show 2009.

  • Posted: Fri. 15th May 2009 08:41