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Re: Can anyone name this beautiful tree please

Message from Benjamin Brace

In forum: Identify a plant

I think every garden should have one! If you don't have a lot of room in your garden you could give Cercidiphyllum japonicum "Katsura" a go as they have the same dainty leaf cover as the Cersis (sadly no flowers though) and the leaves smell sweetly of burnt sugar/toffee in the autumn... just a thought! (it's another favourite of mine :D)

  • Posted: Tue. 29th October 2013 13:31

Re: Re: Favourite Fragrant Flowers & Foliage

Message from Ena Ronayne

In forum: My Favourite Plant

What a lovely selection Kate, thanks for sharing. I particularly like Cercidiphyllum japonicum and the scent off the leaves in Autumn. Some describe it as ‘honey like’ and others say it has more of a ’caramel’ or ‘brown sugar’ like smell. Either way an interesting scent none the less.

  • Posted: Fri. 12th November 2010 09:24

Favourite Fragrant Flowers & Foliage

Tip from Ornamental Tree Nurseries

In forum: My Favourite Plant

Often we choose trees and shrubs for our gardens that are aesthetically pleasing; spectacular foliage, rich flowers and remarkable architectural forms but we mustn’t over look the importance of fragrance. From shrubs that dizzy the senses with the aroma of their blooms to trees with autumn foliage that smells good enough to eat here are my top picks for fragrance.

Davidia involucrate vilmoriniana- Handerkerchief tree
Fragrant: Spring

Cytisus Battandieri – Pineapple broom tree
Fragrant: June July

Cercidiphyllum japonicum- Katsura tree
Fragrant: Late Summer Autumn

Deutzia scabra ‘Pride of Rochester’- Fuzzy pride of Rochester shrub
Fragrant: June July

Laburnum alpinum ‘Pendulum’- Weeping Scotch laburnum tree
Fragrant: May

Mahonia japonica ‘Hivernant’- Japanese mahonia shrub
Fragrant: November December January February March

Nothofagus Antarctica – Antarctic beech tree
Fragrant: Spring

Prunus x yedoensis – Yoshino cherry tree
Fragrant: March April

Ptelea trifoliate – Hop tree
Fragrant: June July

Magnolia soulangiana ‘Alba Superba’ - White tulip magnolia tree
Fragrant: April May

  • Posted: Thu. 11th November 2010 11:05