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Message from Katy Elton

In forum: Clematis 'Franziska Marie'

Hi Dawn,

The only problem you may experience growing clematis from different groups intertwined with one another is difficulty in pruning correctly. The groups refer to timing and method of pruning - group one is spring flowering and should be pruned sparingly, simply removing dead and damage stems immediately after flowering in mid-late spring. Group two are summer flowering and require more pruning - done in late-winter early-spring, and again after the first flush of summer flowering. If you are growing these intertwined you may run the risk of snipping the wrong plant at the wrong time! This would compromise the flowering display you get from them.

The significant benefits are however that you will have a display of flowers at varying times of the year. A good compromise may be to intertwine varieties from within the same pruning group, and plant other group varieties a little further away so as to make them easily identifiable.

An alternative is to choose white clematis from group two, suggestions for this could be Clematis 'Miss Bateman', or Clematis 'Henryi'.

Hope this helps, and Happy Easter!


  • Posted: Sun. 4th April 2010 11:04