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Message from Kathryn Layard

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Hi thanks for posting, struggling a bit . Rightly or wrongly in front of this border I have planted Rudbeckia fulgida Goldstrum, North facing clay not ideal but they gave a nice display last year.Peppered the planting of Rudbekia with Cranesbills Blue long flowering which did well , this year have added two herbaceous clematis's into the mix never grown these before . Only been here a year, last year I spent hours looking at the front trying to work out what to do. Trying to get a sense of what the landscape gardener was ultimately trying to see in the planting of tall shrubs and a sea of euonymous. Mahonia was about the only shrub that kept showing up, our garden on the plan was supposed to have mahonia not photinia but in my experience Mahonia's can look lovely whilst flowering and quite sick the rest of the year. This has been my experience of Photinia but I use to work with sand not clay. I looked up 'Little Red Robin' on shoot, noticed it at the garden centre at the weekend (never seen it before) but it does say it can be frost tender and this is North facing heavy clay. So as I say, I spent a long time trying to think about sorting the structure of this plot but couldn't really come up with anything to replace the Photinia that would like the conditions which is why I wondered if I could just keep heavily pruning them. In an ideal world I would probably have the whole lot up and re-think, but I would struggle with North facing clay to know to do. I have also put Digitalis Grandiflora's in amongst the planting and the yellow welsh poppy and I was thinking of planting more Cranesbills this year in amonst the euonymous thinking they may just climb up through them and add some interest. So how about pruning these shrubs to keep them within bounds? As you say though, the Photinia has to go a 4 meter shrub cannot be kept small enough for my patch

  • Posted: Tue. 29th March 2011 09:57