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Re: ID please?

Message from Tendercare

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euphorbia myrsinites

  • Posted: Wed. 27th February 2019 14:32

Re: Identification

Message from Gary Newell

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I totally agree this is definatley a type of euphorbia. To be exact it is Euphorbia myrsinites also known as creeping spurge it is a succulent species native to southeastern europe. you are right it will develop bright yellow bracts in spring and can become invasive but i have never had a problem with it. hope that helps

  • Posted: Wed. 9th March 2011 12:50

Trailing/low plants

Message from Marissa Zoppellini

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Hi Jill, here are a few suggestions: Thyme which is evergreen and spreading with small pink flowers in early summer, Helianthemum 'Fire Dragon' which again is evergreen and has bright red flowers over a long season and grey-green leaves, Euphorbia myrsinites is prostrate and evergreen, Carex comans 'Frosted Curls' is a low-growing fine grass with silvery-green evergreen leaves. Annuals would also be nice, Nasturtiums are good for trailing - it would be refreshing to put in annuals for the summer and replace them with hardy plants for the winter, a mass of one type would have a good impact. It would be lovely to hear what you go with and how it works out. All the best, Marissa

  • Posted: Thu. 26th March 2009 22:50