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Re: Day light v Shade

Message from Valerie Munro

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Hi Patricia

I think that you pose a very interesting question!

Without getting too complicated, I think that it is the effects of the midday sun that this label information alludes to. All plants need light to survive, but some are tough enough to tolerate the heat of the hottest part of the day.

So if a plant label calls for dappled shade, part shade, etc then you can be sure that early morning sun, or late afternoon sun will not be detrimental to the plant, but if it gets the blast of high summer 11am-3pm, it might be a different story.

Where light does play more of a role is in the actual length of daylight rather than the heat of the sun. Some plants will get the trigger message that it is time to flower when daylight hours drop below 8. The classic plant here is the Christmas plant poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima). This is called a short day plant. Other plants in the early part of the year respond to the increasing amount of daylight - they are called long day plants. Some others don't care, and they are just day neutral..

It really is fascinating the way that plants respond to their trigger messages - and I am always in awe of how Nature is so smart!

I hope that this helps!
Auntie Planty

  • Posted: Sun. 15th August 2010 17:46