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Re: Euryops - Pruning query

Message from MD

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if it is euryops pectinatus then it appears to be at its maximum size now. Cutting it back by 6 inches after flowering allows it to flower through the rest of the year. So if you cut it back further it will be at the expense of a shorter flowering season this year. But these can get leggy over time if they are not cut back hard every few years. As it is not hardy I guess that you are in a mild area or have it in a conservatory.

  • Posted: Thu. 15th March 2012 21:30

Have I Lost It?

Comment from john hutcheson

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I planted an euryops pectinatus last year and really like this plant. Unfortunately the severe frosts that we have had has left the plant looking very grey and withered. Is it likely that this plant will have died or is there a a chance that it will grow again from the base?

  • Posted: Sun. 2nd January 2011 17:40