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Fuchsia 'Tom Thumb'

Message from Katy Elton

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Hi Doug,

Fuchsias which are propagated from cuttings such as this are usually bought as plugs, as this tends to be the most cost and time efficient way of doing things. A hardy variety such as 'Tom Thumb' can be planted as a plug directly in the ground. Fuchsias like a moist but well drained, loamy soil. It should be well dug over and have organic matter added prior to planting.

Feeding should occur roughly every other week during the growing season, and should be done with a quick release, water soluble, general fertiliser. The plants will require heavy mulching in winter to protect from frost damage.

It might be useful for you to contact some sellers and nurseries for detailed costing information and expert growing advice. If you type 'fuchsia 'tom thumb'' into google there are plenty of links to sellers that come up.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your project!


  • Posted: Tue. 23rd March 2010 16:46