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Re: Unknown plant

Message from Nicola

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Someone on our social media thinks this is "Gunnera"

And another for "Gunnera manicata"

  • Posted: Sun. 19th April 2020 08:21

Re: Gunnera Manicata

Message from Christine

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Sorry to hear about your gunnera. A couple of thoughts - don't know where you live but has it dried out too much over winter? Or has it 'exhausted' the soil around it & in need of splitting & replanting?

  • Posted: Mon. 26th May 2014 16:31

Gunnera Manicata

Question from andy wiber

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We have had a Gunnera Manicata for the past 10 years, however this spring some of the stalks were dead ? i.e. we went to move one and it broke off as it was completely dead. We cut back on most of the stocks that were dead but now we have had only 6 branches start with branch's and they are very small and to not appear to be growing very quickly at all ( in the past they would have been over 4 ft by this time ) Is there anything we can do to bring it back to normal ? The branch's / leaf stems last year measured about 7 ft tall this year they have not even reached 1 ft ?? We cut the leaves off each year and cover the base plant as well we also have used plastic to cover the complete thing ( protect from frost/freezing )

  • Posted: Mon. 26th May 2014 06:38

Re: Re: Posible problem with my Gunnera Manicata

Message from Alan Archer

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Hi Kathy,

Thanks for the reply, we have had some cold windy days.
The roots are not restricted.
The ph is a good question, nothing has changed that I know of, it is a very large lined bog garden that they are in, I have never checked the ph but they have always flourished!!!

  • Posted: Tue. 17th April 2012 12:40

Re: Posible problem with my Gunnera Manicata

Message from Kathy C

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Not sure where you are but is it possible a late-ish frost could have hit it? Have you had some particularly cold, windy days? Were the crowns protected over the winter? Only other thoughts are 1) any chance the roots could be restricted? 2) any chance soil is contaminated or the ph has been altered?
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 16th April 2012 19:26

Posible problem with my Gunnera Manicata

Comment from Alan Archer

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I have a few of them in my bog garden, last year the true Manicata was fabulous, this is only the third year it has been in my garden, all the leaves have started coming up but they are all turning brown, I fertilised it early march and not sure why it is going like it is! Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Alan

  • Posted: Fri. 13th April 2012 15:15


Message from Nicola

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Hi Robert,

I think it looks like a Gunnera. See here two options:

Giant rhubarb (Gunnera manicata)

Gunnera tinctoria (Giant rhubarb)

Does this sound right?

:-) Nicola

  • Posted: Wed. 27th May 2009 08:54