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Re: Help Identifying these plants

Message from Nicola

In forum: Identify a plant

Hi Abigail, some useful suggestions from our social media followers:

"Looks like:
1 an azalea
2 euonymus silver queen in the background and a rose with blackspot in front
3 Jasminum nudiflorum winter jasmine"

"2 is a type of euonymous, 3 is winter jasmine. ( I think)"

"1 is a rhododendron.
2 hellebore leaf in hand with euonymus emerald gaiety in the background.
3 is jasmine."

Hope that helps?

  • Posted: Thu. 20th August 2020 08:38

Re: Identify my plant please

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

Not sure, but could it be winter jasmin jasminum nudiflorum, blooms with a yellow flower all through winter

  • Posted: Tue. 15th May 2018 14:26

Re: Unsure what this is

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

could be jasminum nudiflorum, a winter blooming shrub, not fragrant, usually found draped on walls.

  • Posted: Wed. 12th July 2017 12:04

Re: Can anyone identify this plant?

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

also it would be nice to know when it blooms and if it is evergreen. The shrub that blooms this month is jasminum nudiflorum, has yellow flowers.

  • Posted: Wed. 28th December 2016 13:05

Re: What is this?

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

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take a look at jasminum nudiflorum, it is a horizontal grower, not exactly a vine, blooms in winter on bare green stems.On second thought take a look at Jasminum officinal aureum.

  • Posted: Sun. 13th October 2013 02:12

Re: What might this be?

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

Looks like jasminum nudiflorum or winter blooming jasmin, it is a lax shrub with yellow flowers all through winter, best trained on wires or cascading down a slope.

  • Posted: Tue. 13th August 2013 00:32

Re: Please help...

Message from Carol

In forum: General

I'd avoid bamboo because I have seen how some varieties can spread. The clump formers won't necessarily help you in a long thin plot, either. Easy to care for and fast-growing are usually exclusive terms - if it grows fast it will want some maintenance! Some things can be encouraged to cling just to a few wires held in place with pins. I'd be inclined to go for something like Jasminum nudiflorum which is evergereen and has yellow flowers in winter, and mix it up with some climbers like Clematis montana (read around and see if you can find a less vigorous cultivar). I have a clump of Miscanthus zebrinus which is in the kind of conditions you describe and after 3 years has made a good solid clump of robust upright stems with flashes of yellow - it's there most of the year, too. The other thing you could do is widen the path, put down some membrane and gravel and then put pots of interesting things along the fence which you can change about in the year if you feel like it.

  • Posted: Thu. 8th August 2013 10:51

Re: Flowering quince

Message from Kate Reaney

In forum: Chaenomeles speciosa 'Fire Dance'

Hi Holly, We've spoken to our client Monkton Elm Garden & Pet Centre and this is what they say, I hope it helps:

There are Chaenomeles, which are thornless, look out for the Storm range, colours include scarlet, pink and orange. Jasminum nudiflorum is an excellent choice of climber for a north wall with yellow star flowers in winter.

If you need any further advice, please contact the garden centre on 01823 412381.

  • Posted: Wed. 24th April 2013 16:31

Re: Plants to hide dustbins

Message from Maz

In forum: New to gardening

Jasminum nudiflorum (winter jasmine) suitabls for all aspects apart from dense shade, train to grow up your trellis, has yellow flowers in winter and is evergreen, prune straight after flowering to keep in check.
Hardy perennial climbing Honeysuckle Lonicera 'Mint Crisp' with wonderful evergreen cream and green speckled variegated foliage and fragrant flowers, grows in sun or pt shade, no pruning needed unless a tidy up is required in March. Foliage changes colour in colder temps. Hope these help :)

  • Posted: Sun. 18th November 2012 09:12

Re: Autumn scent climber to disguise smell of chickens and rabbits!

Message from Louise Yates M.A.

In forum: Gardening for wildlife

This is a big ask Chris! Most fragrant climbers have done their thing, or will be a few more weeks away ( like Clematis armandii which flowers from Jan-March) or winter flowering Jasmine- Jasminum nudiflorum. The Clematis is a twiner so will take over any chicken wire it reaches but the Jasmine is a rambler, growing out between other plants or over fences etc.
If you have the room , plant shrubs instead anywhere nearby like Mahonia Midwinter Sun or Viburnum 'Deben' or 'Dawn'. As many as poss to compete with the ripe aroma of your animals! Hopethat helps!

  • Posted: Tue. 22nd November 2011 21:01