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Comment from Kate

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The Jasminum Beesianum that I inherited with this garden has grown out of control in my small garden. It is strangling the yellow Hypericum which can hardly show its flowers for the amount of vine like Jasmine shoots coming through it. I call it my Triffid as its shooting up all along and under the fence, into my neighbours garden (apparently they have had problems with this plant for many years!) and its even shooting up on the edge of my lawn. So I took the strimmer to both plants and they now look stubby and short! I can now see that the jasmine has so many shoots coming up around the stems of the hypericum that there is no way I can try to pull them all up. There is one main root of the J.B. and two or three smaller established roots plus many many new shoots. How do I kill/remove this plant without killing the other plants? I am renting and only been here two years and no one has looked after this garden since the house was built 15 yrs ago, yet I can't believe how its taken over and I know it will continue to ruin this particular bed. I hate killing anything but I don't think there is a better option. Looks very ugly now cut back! Thanks

  • Posted: Mon. 22nd September 2014 09:25

Re: Climber with tiny anemone symmetrical shaped pink flowers is taking over

Message from Samantha Jane

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Hi Kate,
It looks like Jasminum beesianum to me. Very nice but can be very vigorous if happy in the right spot.
Best wishes,
Samantha Jane

  • Posted: Wed. 25th June 2014 12:13

Re: Can someone identify this flower please

Message from Clockhouse Nursery

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Jasminum beesianum or stephanense. Looks a bit too dark pink for stephanense...but stranger things have happened. Beesianum is favourite i think. Google image it and see what you think.

  • Posted: Mon. 9th September 2013 07:54

Re: Yellowing leaves

Message from Kathy C

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Hi, Chas,
Have you checked out the plant page for Jasminum beesianum here on Shoot? If so, do the cultural requirements for the plant match where and how yours is grown? Since your is in a container, is it getting regular water and fertiliser?
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 25th July 2011 19:59

Yellowing leaves

Question from chas

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This Jasminum beesianum was planted in a 12" pot against a fence. It has grown well since planting in the spring but has not produced many flowers. It has now developed areas of leaves turning yellow with some going brown. Any suggestions please.

  • Posted: Sat. 23rd July 2011 08:28