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Message from Dave Jones

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Hi Chris,
Thanks for your reply. I actually posted this in December 2012 and posted it in the wrong forum.
I obtained GA-3 from Plants-a-Float.co.uk last year and have used it with variable results. It certainly gives good results with old seed. I found a packet of Lobelia tupa seeds that were about 10 years old. After soaking half the seeds in GA-3 for 24 hours, I sowed them and got over 80% germination. The other half didn't germinate at all!.
But other results were not so good. Some seed that requires stratification didn't germinate if soaked in GA-3 and not given the chilling treatment (Astrantia being a good example.)
My conclusions are that, if you want good germination, sow fresh seed! A batch of Thalictrum seed germinated (without either stratification or GA-3) having been harvested from a plant in my garden and sowed straight away. They were placed in a propagator at 20?C and were up in 4 days!

  • Posted: Sun. 23rd March 2014 20:38

Lobelia tupa

General post from Michael Open

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This plant best grown from seed. Germinates in less than a month at room temperature when surface sown. Flowers second year usually.

  • Posted: Thu. 10th May 2012 10:07