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Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star'

Message from Valerie Munro

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There is no doubt that the best time to replant any plant is during its dormant period - during the winter months. But, to achieve the greatest possible success, it is best to leave it as late as possible so that the plant is not left 'sulking' in new cold soil.

Your magnolia (hopefully) will be in full flower now, so I would advise you to wait until it has finished.

Decide where you want to move it to - ideally where the soil is rich, moist and well drained (if that is not a contradiction!) and where it will be in the sun/partial shade and well sheltered from winds or a frost pocket. Then dig the new hole first.

When lifting the plant, you should disturb the root ball as little as possible to reduce the 'shock'. If the soil is dry on the day you wish to make the move, then you should water well which will help to keep the soil ball intact.

Make a note of where the original soil line was, and plant in the new hole with the soil rising to the same level. Water the plant thoroughly, and generally give it lots of tender loving care until it is obviously settled in.

Fingers cross that it will have a happy journey and continue to reward you with many flowering years to come!

Auntie Planty

  • Posted: Mon. 12th April 2010 18:41