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Plants for covering a wall

Message from Marissa Zoppellini

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Hi Mebian, I would start by putting in several ivy plants which will form a backdrop - there are many cultivars to choose from, giving a selection of large, small, variegated and curled leaves to choose from. Fatshedera lizei is an evergreen with nice leaves that could be trained up the wall. I would also recommend Mahonia x media 'Charity' (or other cultivars), Fatsia japonia, Aucuba japonica cultivar and Prunus lusitanica, which are all evergreen shrubs suited to your conditions. If there is some light available during part of the day, I would also put in honeysuckle and clematis. If you have width in your garden, put in some trees of your own. Another idea is to paint the wall, which may make it less conspicuous. All the best, Marissa

  • Posted: Sat. 16th May 2009 11:24

HELP - What can I plant for security in my garden

Message from Marissa Zoppellini

In forum: New to gardening

Hi Jennie

Welcome to the world of gardening! I agree that the rose is a lovely idea and will put forward another suggestion of Mahonia. There are quite a few cultivars, have a look on this website, Mahonia x media 'Charity' is a good one. It is a tough evergreen with prickly leaves and fragrant yellow flowers and is good if the position is shady.

All the best, Marissa

  • Posted: Fri. 14th March 2008 12:43