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Aralia variegata

Comment from Mark Pumphrey

In forum: Aralia elata 'Variegata'

A plant seldom used mainly due to availability and cost but worth tracking down. The foliage when it breaks adds a great sense of drama to any bed. My own aralia has survived the cold Midlands weather this year but has lost some of its branches. As a grafted plant keep an eye out for suckers removing them before they establish themselves. I have underplanted my aralia with Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant' which looks great under the creamy white leaves of the aralia. My only regret is that in winter the stems of the aralia offer little in the way of interest and with the Nepeta growth removed there is a gap. I am planning to undertake some amendments to the bed and have considered adding a small hebe such as Hebe 'Caledonia' to conpliment both nepeta and the arailia.

  • Posted: Thu. 23rd April 2009 16:04