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Re: Re: Suggested flowers for a 6ft x 6ft front garden

Message from john

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Penstemon 'Garnet', nice bright colour, very reliable easy grower. These can be cut back quite hard in the spring and look good through Summer and Autumn. So they need a 'haircut' once a year, is that low maintenance ? I have a few in my garden and wouldnt be without them.

  • Posted: Thu. 14th August 2014 14:25

penstemon 'GARNET'

Tip from Brian mc

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I live in North Lanarkshire(scotland) - should I prune this penstemon back to ground level in spring even though we have relatively short flowering season? Or should I just give it a trim back to the new shoots? Also how does this plant respond to being moved transplanted to another spot with the same exposure, soil type and daylight?

  • Posted: Sun. 12th October 2008 22:32