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Message from Samantha Jane

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Hi there, it looks like fab Polemonium caeruleum to me. Lovely delicate herbaceous plant that will have clusters of probably blue flowers on 2-3ft spikes in summer. There are white cultivars too and some lovely variegated ones. They seem to be self seeding very well this season probably due to the mild wet winter, I have noticed a mass freely seeded in the Herbaceous Borders.
They look good used in drifts in Herbaceous or mixed borders, in prairie style planting designs or as a wildflower in meadows and woodlands. They do like to be kept quite well watered.
Best wishes,
Samantha Jane

  • Posted: Mon. 21st April 2014 20:31

Polemonium caeruleum

Comment from Miriam Mesa-Villalba

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Jacob's ladder is a member of the Phlox family.It is a plant of limestone grasslands, scree, rock ledges and stream-sides, usually in semi-shade. It is locally frequent in the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales, but elsewhere it occurs sporadically as a garden escape. There are some garden varieties of this plant which are annuals, but the native plant is an herbaceous perennial.

  • Posted: Thu. 4th June 2009 20:41