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Re: Help identifying a plant from Isabella Plantation

Message from Nicola

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Hi Bruce, some more votes on Twitter are Primula denticulata and Succisa pratensis

  • Posted: Mon. 5th May 2014 09:53

Re: Care of Primula Denticulata

Message from Angie Robertson

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If you want them to self seed around the garden - leave the flowerhead on the plants. If they are coloured the resulting seedlings will not be as dark as the parents.
If you want to cut them off - remove the flower stalks right at the base. The foliage on Primula Denticulata can get rather large during the summer but will die back completely in winter.
I find that growing them behind something that will hide them in summer works just fine. I use Lady's Mantle - still dormant when Primulas are flowering and tall enough to hide the scruffy, often slug devoured foliage.
Choose a plant that grows suitable in the spot you grow them.

  • Posted: Mon. 27th May 2013 16:54

Care of Primula Denticulata

Question from Lorna Jeffery

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These plants have finished flowering and look rather bedraggled now. Should I now cut off the dead heads or the complete flower stalks?

  • Posted: Mon. 27th May 2013 09:51

Primula denticulata


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Hi William

This is definately Primula denticulata. You may be able to propagate from seeds as they are mass produced by growers from seed or you can divide them once they have finished flowering.

from 'A Helping Hand'

  • Posted: Mon. 26th April 2010 08:15

Primula Denticulata?

Message from Laura Thomas

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Hi William
my first thought on seeing this was Primula - search on shoot reveals it may be a denticulata Lilac Denticulata
hope this helps put you on the right track
Laura Thomas

  • Posted: Sun. 25th April 2010 11:26

Cold bogs

Message from Eileen McLean

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Thanks - tackled it somewhat - primulas work, and split, phormiums don't - too wet and cold, plenty ferns including Shuttlecock fern- and hemoracallis on upper tiers, ligularia snail food, rheum has not survived, will try Peltiphyllum although we have created space for gunnera. Have split persicaria astilbe and primula denticulata which are all doing well - have definitely decided to live with it and perpetiate what grows!
Thanks - you have confirmed we are on the right lines

  • Posted: Thu. 15th April 2010 21:34