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Re: What is this blue lawn flower, please?

Message from Nicola

In forum: Identify a plant

Hi Richard, we have a reply for you from a lawn expert:

"That appears to be selfheal (prunella vulgaris).....quite a tough, resistant weed tbh....GC weed killers not strong enough in most cases."

I hope that helps?

Cheers, Nicola

  • Posted: Mon. 26th June 2017 06:58

Prunella vulgaris

Comment from Miriam Mesa-Villalba

In forum: Prunella vulgaris

Selfheal is a woodland and grassland plant which would do well as groundcover in the front of a border or in a meadow or woodland edge situation. As the name suggests, it was once widely used in herbal medicine. It is generally pollinated by bees.

  • Posted: Sat. 20th June 2009 19:40