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Re: Renovation of rosa glauca

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

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You can cut it down to three feet now to stop it from being wind whipped, then in February go in and thin out the older branches to the ground, cut the newer green looking ones to two feet, always cut to outer facing node, thus encouraging new growth to grow outwards instead of inwards.. Give it a good feed end of March and that should see it along.

  • Posted: Mon. 17th September 2012 00:51

Renovation of rosa glauca

Question from carole jones

In forum: Rosa glauca

When is the best time to renovate Rosa Glauca and how far back can I cut it. This is a 15 year old plant that I think would benefit from some heavy pruning and feeding.

  • Posted: Sun. 16th September 2012 20:32