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Re: Salvia Argentea - Seeds

Message from Nicola

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Hi Nicolas, thanks for your post. I am afraid we do not sell plants or seeds on Shoot. If you search for these plants and click the 'Buy' tab you might find suppliers listed for them. All the best, Nicola

  • Posted: Sun. 21st November 2010 09:10

Salvia Argentea - Seeds

Question from Nicolas Heinen

In forum: Salvia argentea

Hi, mi name is Nicolás. I was wondering if you sell seeds of Salvia argentea.

Algo, I'm looking for seeds of Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck cv. 'Sanguinelli' (there are other varieties such as Tarocco), also known as "Blood Orange", because of the colour of its pulp. I need seeds because I want to take them abroad and I couldn't possibly travel with a small tree.

If you don't sell them, could you tell me a good place to look for them?

Kind regards,


  • Posted: Fri. 19th November 2010 18:20