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Re: Problem with Scleranthus Biflorus

Message from Kathy C

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Hi, Leanne,
Over time, particularly if planted in heavier soils, it is not unusual for S. biflorus to become patchy or even die back in the center. Early in spring, lift and divide the clumps, discard the dead bits, and replant.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Tue. 3rd January 2012 19:54

Problem with Scleranthus Biflorus

General post from Leanne Berry

In forum: Scleranthus biflorus

Having grown beautifully for 4 years - recently they lost their vivid green and developed yellow patches alongwith dead patches.
Does anyone know what could be wrong with my plants.
There are alot of slaters living underneath the large mosses - could this be affecting it ?

  • Posted: Mon. 2nd January 2012 19:54