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Re: What is this plant?

Message from Samantha Jane

In forum: Identify a plant

Hi Pam,
Try Solanum jasminoides album
Best wishes,
Samantha Jane

  • Posted: Sun. 7th September 2014 09:46

Re: I think my solanum jasminoide is dead

Message from Kathy C

In forum: Solanum jasminoides

Hi, Jacque,
Not sure where you live but if your area has had a particularly cold, harsh winter, it might not have survived the low temperatures and excessive wet. solanum jasminoides is half-hardy so can't handle prolonged freezing or frosty conditions.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Tue. 19th April 2011 16:19

Not what I expected...

Question from Laura Thomas

In forum: Solanum jasminoides 'Album'

I ordered 5 plug plants of Solanum jasminoides 'Album' and they have just started blooming...but are not white! Think I have been sent the wrong Solanums - are these Solanum Crispum or something else?

  • Posted: Wed. 20th May 2009 21:56