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Re: Pittosporum leaves have gone

Message from Judi Samuels Garden Design

In forum: Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Silver Sheen'

Try this for size.. Tamarix tetrandra (AGM). I have two in my garden where it's higher and windier and they do well in coastal planting schemes, do give them some protection during those cold easterly spells and should do well for you. They give a beautiful dusky pink colour and lyrical form.. Hope that's useful. You could try researching online plants for coastal planting. Best wishes, Judi.. :-)

  • Posted: Fri. 26th April 2013 10:34

Re: Tamarisk appears dead

Message from Kathy C

In forum: Tamarix tetrandra

Hi, Bellscott,
I have a few questions...how long has this been in the ground? Are you in a coastal area or inland? Given it is in a north-facing site, how much sun does it get?
Tamarix tetrandra does best in full sun and, in coastal areas, well-drained, sandy soil. Inland, it needs moister soil but it does need shelter from cold, drying winds. Given that, even though it is hardy, the winter weather you described may have been too much for it. When you took cuttings, did you see a green layer right below the bark? Try giving it the 'scratch test'. Choose a smaller branch or stem where the bark is thin. Scrape away the outer bark with a fingernail. If you reveal a layer of green (called cambium) then it is still alive but will probaly need ample time to recover from a hard winter. If not green, try lower on the plant. If you find green lower, cut it back to that point. It might recover.
Kathy C.

  • Posted: Tue. 25th May 2010 22:23