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Message from Garden Designer

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Hi John,

If you type Tulipa or Tulip into the search box at the top you will see loads of results for the Tulipa genus.

Hope that helps.

  • Posted: Tue. 13th December 2016 11:59


Question from John Barnett

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I was searching to see if there was a Tulipa Mixed in the database and the results returned hundreds of plants mostly not Tulipa, how do I do a specific search to discard the unwanted results.

  • Posted: Sun. 16th October 2016 09:21

Re: As this gras will just be foliage all summer, can you tell me how it looks before it flowers?

Message from Garden Designer

In forum: Muhlenbergia capillaris

Hi Fiona,

We have had some response from our social media. These are the answers from our social media friends and followers:
"Think it's not particularly showy. There's a cultivar, M. capillaries 'Fast Forward' that blooms a bit earlier. Great plant!" - Perhaps if you plant both plants you could have a longer display of flowers.

Also we received a photo of the plant before flowering.

If you had some spring bulbs, for example, tulips to come up around the grass tufts it would look quite simple and pretty. Then when the tulips had past the M. capillaries 'Fast Forward' would start to put on flowers followed but the standard later flowering M. capillaries.

How does all that sound? I hope the photo and suggestions helped.
Thanks for asking the question,
Tania from Shoot

  • Posted: Fri. 18th March 2016 08:33

Re: please help me , i want report about tulip attila ? can you help me?

Message from Nicola

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Hi there, not clear on what you want when you say a 'report'? Here is Tulip 'Attila'. Hope that helps?

  • Posted: Sat. 16th January 2016 07:48

Re: Alternatives to Buxus for pyramid "topiary"?

Message from Samantha Jane

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Hi there,
Very interesting question and what sounds like a lovely design. I work with topiary a lot and I know of no tree/shrub that will flower well when it is pruned that tightly to keep to the pyramid shape. All topiary will flower but either insignificant flowers or only when the shoots are left to grow a bit like a standard fuchsia or rose. The only thing that I can think of; could be used to make these pyramids look different would be lighting, maybe fairy lights, it can work well in some designs, particularly contemporary.
I would also have thought that matt green foliage would look best adjacent to the Lavender?
How about, also filling the beds with bulbs, e.g. Tulipa 'Maureen' to give interest at this time of the year.
All the best with it!
Looking forward to hearing more
Best wishes,
Samantha Jane, MIHORT, KEWDIP

  • Posted: Wed. 23rd April 2014 17:30

Re: What is this beautiful unusual tulip?

Message from Veronika Moore

In forum: Identify a plant

Tulipa Aleppo - a late flowering fringed variety. Considered one of the most elegant tulips, introduced in the late 1960s. Hope this helps.

  • Posted: Mon. 16th May 2011 08:03