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Typha minima (Bulrush)

Question from Georgie

In forum: Typha minima

I bought this plant in spring for my small pond. There are no signs of any flowers yet which is disappointing. I see the notes on the plant database say 'time to maturity 5-10 years'. Will I have to wait that long for flowers?


  • Posted: Mon. 27th July 2009 20:22

Veronica beccabunga (Brooklime)

Comment from Georgie

In forum: Veronica beccabunga

I bought this plant on 21 March 2009 to grow in my small pond with Typha minima (and with Caltha palustis alongside). It has already spread about a meter and the first flowers were out today. It's looking very healthy and is very popular with hoverflies. I chose it because it's native and will provide some shade for the wildlife I hope to attract.


  • Posted: Wed. 29th April 2009 20:07

My Wildlife Pond

Comment from Joanne 9919

In forum: Gardening for wildlife

Well I finally got my small pond in and decided on the plants for it. I chose Typha Minima - Mini Bulrush, Mimulus Luteus - Monkey Musk, Caltha Palustris - Marsh Marigold and Oenanthe Japonica Flamingo - Variegated Water Celery.

I thought I would show you a picture of it.


  • Posted: Fri. 17th April 2009 13:22

Too many lovely plants....

Message from Georgie

In forum: Gardening for wildlife

Thanks for your suggestion, Peter, but I've already bought my plants. In the end I went for Caltha palustris, Veronica beccabunga and Typha minima. I might still get Stratiotes aloides as well if I can squeeze it in! Here's a photo I took after I planted it up last weekend.

  • Posted: Sun. 29th March 2009 16:39

GYO article

Message from Joanne 9919

In forum: Gardening for wildlife

It's on it's way Georgie.

I love bulrushes too, and I think the Typha Minima looks great.

The article includes something on the Typha species.


  • Posted: Mon. 23rd February 2009 00:03

Wildlife pond

Message from Georgie

In forum: Gardening for wildlife

Thanks for that, Marissa. I did wonder about the Bogbean and the Watermint. As for the reed, I do love Bulrushes so I night try and get hold of a Typha minima which is a much shorter variety. I'm still open to more suggestions from other members.


  • Posted: Fri. 6th February 2009 18:33