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Re: Never seen this 5 foot umbellifer before

Message from Nigel Taylor

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Well now, this has been very educational! When I saw the two suggestions that it might be valerian I thought 'No way. This plant is over 5 feet tall'. My immediate thought was that the reference was to the white form ('albus') of the red-flowered plant that we commonly call valerian (Centranthus ruber).

I was about to shrug my shoulders and resign myself to waiting for more replies when I thought I would do a little Internet digging. I googled 'white valerian' and there I found multiple images of two clearly different plants. One was obviously the plant I have already mentioned, but lo and behold the other looked much more promising - Valeriana officinalis, which is also (much more logically) called valerian. And this is indeed the plant in question. So thank you, Carol and Nicola. You are spot on, and I'm sorry I doubted you initially! I'm eagerly awaiting receiving seed from my friend before long.

  • Posted: Sun. 17th June 2018 14:24