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Re: Is this a palm?

Message from Nicola

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Hi Jonathan, a follower on social media thinks this is Yucca filamentosa. Hope that helps? All the best, Nicola

  • Posted: Wed. 17th May 2017 19:05

Re: Assistance Identifying this Plant.

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

It is yucca filamentosa.

  • Posted: Thu. 11th July 2013 22:06

my yucca filamentosa has multiplied and grown out of control

Question from James Sartain

In forum: Yucca filamentosa

How do I get these plants out of the ground? My husband and I brought a house where these plants are growing out of control and are planted in a very akward spot. They are on the top edge of a man made small pond that is has slate like rocks built up around the the whole pond, including under the plants. It looks as if there were 3 original plants going off there size. Now I cannot even count how many of these plants are in this space because they are smaller and so condensed. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Posted: Tue. 23rd April 2013 00:39