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Re: Help with planting ideas, for Primary age kids.

Message from Carol

In forum: School gardening for children

When you say 'winter' displays, which month are you thinking of?

Perhaps some crocuses, Iris sibirica or spring flowering small cyclamen.
Hyacinths can be brought on early, and maybe narcissus.

There are not many things you could grow from seed now to flower before March. There might be some early vegetables that would add to a show.

Is the 'cover' you have heated, or does it have extra lighting?

  • Posted: Wed. 23rd October 2019 11:38

Re: Any idea what this is?

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

I am responding from the US, so the scale will not work, it looks like a bulb of some sort, the silver in it reminds me of a spring crocus, but they don't come up, the muscari are up, the ornithogalums have that silver stripe. I can't imagine a dracena coming up from seed, I am sure Carol or Pauline will help.

  • Posted: Wed. 12th September 2018 14:10

Usual question - Anyone any idea what this plant is

Comment from Steve Kemp

In forum: Identify a plant

Found this growing in my garden, anyone have any idea what it is? The plant behind is crocus

  • Posted: Sat. 17th February 2018 14:10

Re: Re: Re: What species of crocus is this?

Message from Abbie

In forum: Identify a plant

Thank you Nicola, that's smashing!! Such a help! :)

  • Posted: Wed. 5th April 2017 10:18

Re: Re: What species of crocus is this?

Message from Nicola

In forum: Identify a plant

Thank you Anna,

Hi Abbie, here is Crocus tommasinianus and Crocus vernus 'Remembrance' . I hope this helps?

Thanks, Nicola

  • Posted: Sun. 2nd April 2017 17:57

Re: What species of crocus is this?

Message from Anna Cook

In forum: Identify a plant

First two could be Crocus tommasinianus.
The third photo possibly 'Remembrance'

  • Posted: Sun. 2nd April 2017 17:49

What species of crocus is this?

Question from Abbie

In forum: Identify a plant

Hi all,
found these lovely croci in bloom and am having a hard time identifying exactly which species they are. Can anyone help?

  • Posted: Thu. 30th March 2017 10:10

Re: Re: Is the Care Calendar Location Specific

Message from Philip Slade

In forum: How to use the site

Hi Nicola

Thanks for your reply. I must have missed where in the emails it gives a range. The emails give care instructions for February, say. It might be useful if it also said "and March, April".

I thought her point was fair enough because it takes some time for gardens up here to wake up. That said I do have some crocuses coming through.



  • Posted: Wed. 10th February 2016 15:30

Re: Re: Strange plant

Message from Kathleen

In forum: Identify a plant

Thank you so much for the information. As crocus is selling it for £8.99 I think I will let it flower then decide if I want to keep it. This is the first time it has appeared in my garden.
Regards Kathleen

  • Posted: Tue. 8th July 2014 11:04

Re: Random assortment of container grown plants

Message from Alexia at Blooming Marvellous Plants

In forum: Identify a plant

First photo in dark grey bowl to right...probably crocus bulbs

  • Posted: Mon. 18th November 2013 21:24

Re: Re: Early bulb growth

Message from Phyl

In forum: General

Hmm, i think it's the crocus they have made off with - I'll have to see what blooms ...
thank you for your response

  • Posted: Sun. 6th January 2013 11:52

Re: Early bulb growth

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: General

Snow drops and daffodils are poisonous to all critters, now crocus's that is another story, field mice and squirrels think they are a gourmet spread.

  • Posted: Wed. 2nd January 2013 15:29

Re: Early bulb growth

Message from Nicola

In forum: General

Hi Phyl, we had a reply on Twitter for you.

@LondonBeeKeeper wrote to us.

"@ShootGardening if buried deep enough they should be fine. Snow drop, daff and crocus ate very hardy "

  • Posted: Wed. 2nd January 2013 12:49

Re: Plants toxic to dogs

Message from Kathy C

In forum: Lilium 'Triumphator'

Hi, Katrine,
There are any number of plants that can be potentially to dogs, but the worst offenders are:
Autumn crocus, azaleas, kalanchoe, cyclamen, lilies, oleander, lily of the valley, sago palm, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, apple trees, cherry trees, asparagus fern, privet, red maple trees, hosta, castor bean, yew, ivy, and dieffenbachia (an indoor plant)
Kathy C

  • Posted: Thu. 6th September 2012 17:28

joie de vivre rose

Question from paula hewitt

In forum: Rosa 'Joie de Vivre'


it says on the crocus website that these dont really get bothered by a lot of the other types of rose problems, dideases etc? Can someone verify this for me.



  • Posted: Wed. 23rd May 2012 14:40

Re: weed or not ?

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

It is a colchicum, blooms in fall with pink or white crocus like flower, will go dormant in summer, so mark the spot.

  • Posted: Sat. 5th May 2012 00:29

Re: Sweet Woodruff

Message from Carol

In forum: Galium odoratum

Interesting to learn that it grows in the shade! All the patches in my garden are in full sun. Maybe that's why other things are competing quite well. I have magnolia in one patch, potentilla in another, and a patch of irises amongst the woodruff. It does seem to have spread madly last autumn/winter though, so I will be digging it out from around the crocuses and things. The hardy geraniums keep on top of it and nothing seems to stop the muscari (grape hyacinth).

  • Posted: Mon. 30th April 2012 13:15

Re: o. delavayi?

Message from Janice Wood

In forum: Osmanthus delavayi

Crocus do one for £12.99

  • Posted: Thu. 26th April 2012 16:50

Re: palm tree

Message from graham wilsher

In forum: Garden Landscaping and Design Forum Event

have you tried crocus.

  • Posted: Fri. 2nd March 2012 16:52

Re: Need help with shade planting under trees, please.

Message from Ena Ronayne

In forum: Garden design

Jo you have a huge selection of fab plants to choose from for a Nth facing bed. Why not try some architectural Euphorbias, Hellebores and Ferns for starters? Fill with bulbs such as daffs, anemones, crocus for now or whatever bulbs are left in your local garden centre / nursery. Let me know how you get on

Ena Ronayne
The Garden Design Co

  • Posted: Sun. 22nd January 2012 16:10