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Re: Muhlenbergia cappillaris

Message from Kathy C

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Hi, Julia,
Cut it back hard now or in early spring before new growth appears. I have M. rigens in my garden and just cut mine back last week (I live in a warm climate, though, so I did it early) - it was looking tatty. Do you have this in your 'Plants I Have' list? I love this feature on Shoot because the monthly care instructions remind me what to do.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Wed. 23rd February 2011 19:01

Muhlenbergia cappillaris

Question from Julia eldridge

In forum: Muhlenbergia capillaris

I wonder if anyone could advise me on cutting back Muhlenbergia grasses. I am not sure if i should cut them right back or just tidy up dead ?
regards Julia

  • Posted: Wed. 23rd February 2011 10:46