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Re: ??

Message from doki

In forum: Edible gardening

The selection of seed potatoes requires 100-250 grams of potato pieces, and the seeding density is about 3 cm between the potato pieces. After the seed potatoes are arranged, they should be covered with soil, and the thickness should be 2-3 cm, not more than 5 cm, so as not to affect the emergence of seedlings.

  • Posted: Sun. 26th September 2021 11:18

Re: Can anyone identify these 2 plants ?

Message from Simon Hickmott

In forum: Identify a plant

These are both nightshades, although they are in no way related to each other, nor are they poisonous. On the left is Enchanter's Nightshade which is a troublesome plant related to Fuchsia and spreads by thin white rhizomes. The other is Bittersweet Nightshade, which is a potato relative and grows as a strong vine but is also capable of spreading underground.

  • Posted: Tue. 27th July 2021 20:34

Can anyone identify these 2 plants ?

Question from Graham Chapman

In forum: Identify a plant

These 2 plants have appeared in my garden this year, probably bird-sown or from compost. They look like they are doing a reasonable job of ground-cover - up to 30cm high. Guessing one may be a common or garden potato, but may be something more interesting. Wondering whether I should keep or treat as weeds . . .

  • Posted: Mon. 26th July 2021 17:41

Re: Please identify

Message from pauline

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It's a solanum, a poisonous weed. Related to potatoes and tomatoes amongst others.

  • Posted: Sun. 18th July 2021 14:18

Re: What is this shrub?

Message from Simon Hickmott

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It's a Potato Vine, Solanum crispum. I have an identical one outside my back step.

  • Posted: Mon. 11th January 2021 21:20

Re: Help please to name this weed.

Message from Carol

In forum: Identify a plant

I think that is nightshade....some potato/ tomato/ solanum related creature anyway.

  • Posted: Mon. 3rd August 2020 18:38

Re: Re: Unknown plant

Message from Nicola

In forum: Identify a plant

Thanks Carol! Much appreciated.

Hi Andrea,
A lot of agreement on social media too:
"Apple of Peru (Nicandra physaloides) please note it is very poisonous"
"Shoofly plant x"
"Morning glory"
"is an annual that is sometimes grown from seed to add interest to borders.occassional seedlings may appear in the garden (such as from bird-sown seed or seed fallen from a bird feeder), it is sometimes thought of as a weed. It is a member of the Solanaceae or potato family."
"This is a Shoofly plant. Im growing them this year too."
"Me too I grew mine from seed I love them"

Many thanks,

  • Posted: Wed. 15th July 2020 12:28

Sweet potato

Question from Adam Byrne

In forum: Edible gardening

My first time growing sweet potatoes : do you treat them like normal potatoes and earth them up or just plant them in a deep containe

  • Posted: Mon. 1st June 2020 22:16

Re: Garden potato problem

Message from Lily

In forum: Pests, diseases and invasive biosecurity risks

I found in the Internet that it may be the problem of the potato skin only. I think that you should peel it. Then you'll see how it looks inside. You can try cooking them. What is important - did you add any fertilizer while growing them?

  • Posted: Sun. 8th March 2020 00:20

Mystery plant

Photo from Penny Porter

In forum: Identify a plant

I saw this in a planter outside RHS, it wasn't marked and gardening staff weren't available. It has very spikey black stems, and looks as if it is from tomato/potato family. I say this because it has little yellow star-like blossom, and little bunches of green berries. It was in a mixed planter, couldn't determine a scent and appeared to be about 3' tall.

  • Posted: Tue. 27th August 2019 14:02

Re: Garden potato problem

Message from Carol

In forum: Pests, diseases and invasive biosecurity risks

Is there damage to the flesh under the marks?

  • Posted: Fri. 2nd August 2019 22:11

Garden potato problem

General post from James paton

In forum: Pests, diseases and invasive biosecurity risks

What is wrong with my 2nd early potatoes?? Is it Canker, can I peel and still eat them?? Not very appetizing looking at them.

  • Posted: Fri. 2nd August 2019 15:57

Re: Does anyone know what this plant is?

Message from Mandy Nicol

In forum: Identify a plant

Thank you! Yes, that's it! Apparently, it's invasive if left to go to seed!

"Datura stramonium (or thorn apple as it is commonly known) is an annual weed of gardens, roadsides and other waste or cultivated land. It is widely naturalised in warmer countries throughout the world, and is quite common in the British Isles, often appearing in waste and cultivated ground.

Although quite a striking plant, it is as well to be aware that all parts, particularly the seeds, are highly poisonous. It belongs to the Solanaceae, a family which includes the potato and tobacco, and many members of this family contain toxic substances."

From https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?PID=536

  • Posted: Tue. 31st July 2018 19:31

Re: Unknown plant

Message from pauline

In forum: Identify a plant

If you look at the flowers you’ll see that they are similar to tomato and potato plant flowers. This tells me it’s a member of the solanum family, which includes the nightshades. Your plant is Black Nightshade, solanum nigrum.

  • Posted: Fri. 13th July 2018 09:01

Found in the veg patch

Comment from Judy Graves

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Found this in the veg patch near runner beans and potatoes. It's got green turning black berries- deadly nightshade? But flower doesn't look quite right

  • Posted: Sun. 24th September 2017 16:55

Re: Friend or Foe

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

A guess, could it be a sweet potato vine?

  • Posted: Thu. 3rd August 2017 17:02

Re: Re: Help!

Message from John Bates

In forum: Identify a plant

Agree above potato vine, quince and lilac

  • Posted: Mon. 15th May 2017 13:28

Re: Help!

Message from Carol

In forum: Identify a plant

The purple one is Solanum (potato vine) and the white could be lilac (you would be able to tell by the smell). Not sure about the middle one - some kind of Chaenomeles maybe? But Nicola is right, if you have lots to identify, get someone to come and help. Where are you?

  • Posted: Sat. 13th May 2017 18:08

Re: is this a passion plant?

Message from Norma Mitchell

In forum: Identify a plant

hi pretty sure this is solanum nigrum sometimes called black nightshade and if so it is a weed - the flowers should look kind of like potato flowers?

  • Posted: Thu. 27th April 2017 22:25

Re: What herbs should I plant and when?

Message from John Wicks

In forum: New to gardening

It depends entirely on what you like to eat. But different herbs like different conditions. Some of my favourites like sage, thyme, rosemary are Mediterranean and like well drained soil in sun. Lay sage leaves on a mackerel fillet, drizzle with a little oil, wrap in streaky bacon and bung it in the oven for about 10 minutes. Delicious. Mint likes it moister, I pick it when it is young and make mint sauce which I then freeze into ice cubes and use as needed; I also make mint and apple jelly. Mint tea is good too. Chives don't seem too fussy about soil and position and are pretty in the flower border (their flowers are edible) and go well in a potato salad. They are a good companion plant as they deter greenfly. Golden oregano - good on pizzas - also attracts beneficial insects, as does borage. Its flowers taste of cucumber - find recipes at http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/borage. Dill attracts good insects like hoverflies and is good in pickles (I add some to my pickled courgettes). There is plenty to choose from. Just do it!

  • Posted: Thu. 23rd June 2016 16:27