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Re: How to aqnd when to grow rose seeds.

Message from jonathankolber

In forum: New to gardening

hi, you may have a try this way. It was experienced by Pamela A. Puyear with more than 25 years. (link removed) "growing-roses-from-seeds"

  • Posted: Mon. 23rd September 2019 01:45

Re: Rosa Geraldine

Message from Carol

In forum: Who can sell me a plant?

The one I have found at Country Garden Roses is distinctly orange - but called Geraldine. Worth a conversation with them. Alternative name seems to be Peahaze.

  • Posted: Sun. 7th April 2019 23:16

Re: Looking for a rose!

Message from Maureen Jacobs

In forum: Identify a plant

Hi - I did a search as I like the rose, there is only one place found - in France petales-de-roses.com. Perhaps they would ship to UK. Good price.
Hope you have luck

  • Posted: Mon. 21st January 2019 10:31

yellow flower

Question from chris moore

In forum: Identify a plant

I have found this flower on only one beach on the whangaruru harbour, New Zealand. it is growing right on the line where the grass stops and the shingle starts. it has a lovely fragrance like roses with a hint of lemon. I intend to gather some seed.I hope you can give me a name
Cheers Chris

  • Posted: Wed. 9th January 2019 21:31

Rose Pruning

Question from Jill Chambers

In forum: General

This summer my hybrid tea roses lost most of their leaves and I've had to remove others because of black spot. The weather has been very hot and they are beginning to recover with the fall in temperature. Any idea why their leaves fall and whether I can prevent it?

  • Posted: Tue. 9th October 2018 15:04

Plants for a north facing covered area

Question from John Duxbury

In forum: Container gardening

I have a north facing covered area between our front door and a garage door (see the attached photo). I tried putting two roses in large pots there, either side of a bench, but they weren't very happy and became too leggy because of the lack of light. I have moved one of the roses to a more favourable spot and plan to move the other (shown in the photo) soon. I have two large (Ø48cm x H37cm) pots, one is shown to the left of the bench, waiting to be planted up. Can you suggest some suitable plants please?!

  • Posted: Mon. 3rd September 2018 15:31

Sawfly infestations

Question from serena keane

In forum: Pests, diseases and invasive biosecurity risks

Hi everyone, new to Shoot and relatively new to gardening. I started my garden last year. My roses and potted geraniums and a few other species have are plagues with what look like sawfly larvae. I want to avoid using strong pesticides and have been trying to manage them by picking them off but it is very labour intensive. Any tips would be welcome. Should I remove damaged leaves etc, is there anything I could plant that might deter them etc. Thanks a mil Serena, wicklow, ireland

  • Posted: Tue. 28th August 2018 21:13

My great grandfather Crego grew these roses in his garden and gave a plant to his daughter, my grandmother. It survived for many years, but eventually died. I would like to find this plant for my garden and for my siblings.

Comment from Pamela DeVore

In forum: Rosa 'Edith Krause'

My great grandfather Crego grew these roses in his garden and gave a plant to his daughter, my grandmother. It survived for many years, but eventually died. I would like to find this plant for my garden and for my siblings.

  • Posted: Tue. 28th August 2018 14:11

What type of plant is this?

General post from Sharon gregg

In forum: Identify a plant

Can anyone tell me what type of plant this is it had small clusters of pink flowers that looked like small roses in the spring but the flowers have all died off now leaving just the plant

  • Posted: Sat. 16th June 2018 17:53

Black Ants eating rose buds

Question from fleet

In forum: General

All I can find on Google is the obvious. " Ants don't eat roses but go after the Aphids that do"
Being aware of this I have made certain my roses are aphid free. I don't like to spray but admit to using 'Rose Clear' to rid my plants of infection, verified by careful inspection.
Despite this, on a number of buds I have found swarms of ants (small black ants) embedded into the buds and half the bud eaten away.
Has anyone else had this?

  • Posted: Sat. 9th June 2018 12:41

Re: Help to identify a wild flower

Message from Diana

In forum: Identify a plant

Cowslip or oxlip? They look like primroses but because they are multistemmed they cannot be. Flowers look bigger than cowslips so more like oxlips.

  • Posted: Mon. 28th May 2018 13:26

Knockout roses

Comment from Rita

In forum: Rosa 'Knock Out'

Knockout roses will not be available in uk until at least 2020. My daughter in uk wanted a rose so i suggested a knockout but found they were not available there so after some research i found that the guy that grew these put a stipulation on them so that no one could sell them outside of usa and no one could develop them for 20 years. He developed them in 2000 so you have to wait at least another 2 years before they will be available anywhere except the usa. Hope this helps

  • Posted: Sun. 29th April 2018 17:00

Re: Delicate pink old climbing rose at my front door?

Message from ELAINE HUTSON

In forum: Identify a plant

Just a guess, too many roses to choose from, could it be New Dawn?

  • Posted: Mon. 16th April 2018 15:14

Re: Moving roses

Message from Carol

In forum: General

November, But if you really don't want them, water them thoroughly every day for a week before lifting and get them into big pots with good compost as quickly as possible and keep them moist,

  • Posted: Sat. 7th April 2018 13:58

Moving roses

Question from Deborah

In forum: General

I have about 10 rose bushes that I want to move or give away. How and when is the best time to do this?

  • Posted: Tue. 3rd April 2018 10:49

What is this flower?

Question from Malcolm Mitchell

In forum: Identify a plant

The flower in the attached photo forms part of the plaster cornice in my 1865 built house. I am keen to learn what type of flower it is. other parts of the cornice are decorated with acanthus leaves, egg and dart and roses typicalof the Victorian period. can you help?

  • Posted: Wed. 6th December 2017 16:01

Eleanor rose

Question from Penny Prior

In forum: General

I have a rose garden with roses named after each of us for myself, my daughters and my granddaughter. Last week my new granddaughter arrived and her name is Eleanor and I can’t seem to get the rose in Australia it seems to be only in the UK. I would greatly appreciate any information. Thanks Penny

  • Posted: Sun. 29th October 2017 08:06

Help with layout of a new tropical garden

Question from Mina Gourlay

In forum: Garden Landscaping and Design Forum Event

hi all
This forum hasn't been written on for a few years so hoping this might get a look in! We brought a house last year which had a very neglected garden made up of a mix of lawn, roses and ferns - very strange. it was very ratty and unloved and had horrendous ground ivy. we are in quite a steep valley and its heavy clay soil, and because of the low sheltered position its very hot and sheltered. Much more suited to tropicals - We've completely dug over the garden and put terraces in and the plants so far are all thriving - however I'm now stuck. i simply can't figure out what to plant and where. I'm usually really good at this stuff but this one is stumping me. I'd be grateful for any advice or thoughts you have on this. Photos below/ attached to show its current state.

  • Posted: Wed. 27th September 2017 18:47

Re: Re: I was wondering if anyone knew why 4 out of my 5 roses have failed to do any thing so far this year , there is no sign of leaves let alone rosebuds . they are planted in different areas of my garden , there is no sign of disease . I have grown ro

Message from Sandra Robinson

In forum: Rosa 'Redoute'

Thanks for your reply , I think you are right about the watering, there were sprouting buds but they did dry up .I thought i was watering to much but i dug down deep near to the roses and found that the soil was quite dry. I have lost one but the others are looking like they will recover .

  • Posted: Fri. 4th August 2017 21:07

Planting a clematis where one has already grown

Question from Silentboo

In forum: General

I have just dug up my ridiculously massive and well established clematis praecox.
I have another (hopefully more manageable) clematis in a small pot at the moment. Can I plant it in the same hole?
I know there's a rule for roses, just wondered if the same applied to most plants?

  • Posted: Tue. 13th June 2017 07:13