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Shrubs with a white colour theme?

Question from Robert Lawrence

In forum: Trees and shrubs

Can anyone help us please?

We are seriously looking to change one of our main borders from herbaceous perennials to a shrub border with a main colour theme of white, whether in flower or in variegated foliage. This takes me out of an area of which I am modestly comfortable to an unknown!

I'm wondering if any member would care to give us their suggestions and as we are going to buy the shrubs, seems logical if we could buy them from a member as well?

I have attached more information on soil type, position, our first stab at a list and a photo of the border

Thanks for reading.

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  • Posted: Wed. 30th September 2020 15:53

Wisteria leaves wilting

Question from NICOLA BLYTH

In forum: General

My recently planted wisteria (June 2020) has been romping away but over the last 2 weeks I have noticed some leaves are curling, dry and dying. I thought it might be because it wasn't reveiving enough water so have been watering everyday to no avail. Can anyone advise?
Thank you in advance


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  • Posted: Mon. 28th September 2020 17:32

Need help identifying plant please

Question from Antonia

In forum: Identify a plant

I have recently moved into a flat with a patio, having never had garden access before, and am shamefully ignorant of gardening/plants. There is a gorgeous red flowered plant on my patio which I need help identifying. It was in full bloom when I saw it at the viewing in February, and still in June when I moved in, though presumably there was no one to take care of it in that time. By July the flowers had dropped completely. This is likely a seasonal thing, though I was surprised to see it in full bloom in February already. The branches have since become unruly as well; one has grown into my bedroom. Would really appreciate identification so I can take care of it properly. Photos attached are of different stages. Thanks!

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  • Posted: Sun. 27th September 2020 18:21
  • Last reply: Mon. 28th September 2020 18:30

Greenhouse Installation

Question from Sylvia Mackay

In forum: Greenhouse

Can anybody in Lincoln area recommend someone to install a wooden 6 x 6 greenhouse. I had a man who installs them for a living, coming yesterday and then he pulled out at the last min. as was too busy. I have now got a brand new Greenhouse leaning on my garage wall getting battered by wind and rain. Only bought it as buyer said their friend could install it for me, as he had done other for them. I got in touch with him & installation was all set to happen. I have a sectional base and pea gravel to put down, even guttering and a water butt. He was going to do the lot for £200 a good price I thought.

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  • Posted: Sun. 27th September 2020 12:20

What to Mulch with

Comment from David

In forum: General

I went up to my allotment today to collect my compost I’ve made and its been contaminated with bindweed. (So I’m not using this) My question is what’s the best to mulch my flower beds with this year?

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  • Posted: Sat. 26th September 2020 17:21

Identification Please

Question from Lance Steel

In forum: Identify a plant

This plant is a very pale pink, stands about 70cm tall, has a rhizome root system, it has a grass like foliage, similar to Hemerocallis, and started to flower about two weeks ago, North West England

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  • Posted: Mon. 21st September 2020 14:55
  • Last reply: Mon. 21st September 2020 21:36

Can you identify this plant

General post from Chris Spencer

In forum: Identify a plant

This has grown into a small tree, it flowers in Summer and has a lovely scent. The flowers are cream/white but appear as pink buds and seed heads

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  • Posted: Mon. 21st September 2020 11:11
  • Last reply: Mon. 21st September 2020 16:28

What size compact tractor do I need?

Question from DerekShellman66

In forum: Garden design

If you plan to use your tractor for mowing in addition to other basic farming tasks, like manure handling, consider a compact tractor with 25 to 45 hp. Compact tractors are convenient and easy to use. They're small size also allows you to store them in a garage or shed.

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  • Posted: Mon. 21st September 2020 00:30

Hello from New Jersey! New guy here

Comment from DerekShellman66

In forum: Identify a plant

Hello. My name is Derek, I'm retired and live in New Jersey. Thank you for accepting me into the group “The Lawn Forum". Happy to be a member. Anyway I am looking forward to meeting some of you in the near future. Until then….

Please be patient if I ask stupid questions, I will try my best to use the search function, but sometimes search and I don't get along.

I'm loving the forum so far! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this forum. The experience here is awesome.
So, I hope for some good piece of advice.


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  • Posted: Mon. 21st September 2020 00:18

Can you identify this plant

Question from Emma Nightingale

In forum: Identify a plant

I found this gorgeous plan in the garden at Cawdor Castle. The seedhead looks a bit like an Allium but the leaf is very different. Anybody got any ideas what it might be?

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  • Posted: Sun. 20th September 2020 14:49
  • Last reply: Mon. 21st September 2020 21:32