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Plant identification

General post from s

In forum: Identify a plant

Please can anyone help identify this plant I found in a clients garden today

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  • Posted: Fri. 9th October 2015 11:48
  • Last reply: Fri. 9th October 2015 15:14

Are red squirrels as voracious as greys?

Comment from Anne Hopkirk

In forum: Squirrels

I live in a red squirrel conservation area and feed our local ones with a handful of hazelnuts each day. We've only been here 3 months and I'd like to plant spring bulbs. Any suggestions on what I should plant?

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  • Posted: Tue. 6th October 2015 09:21

Can you identify this plant?

Comment from Eeles

In forum: Identify a plant

This plant is in my garden. It has hairy leaves and a very strong smell which is not especially pleasant. Any ideas?

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  • Replies: 3
  • Posted: Mon. 5th October 2015 09:31
  • Last reply: Mon. 5th October 2015 20:52

Does anyone know what this is?

Comment from carolyn fletcher

In forum: Identify a plant

Hi, I bought these at a car boot sale as they reminded me of plants I saw on holiday in Cornwall. But I don't know the name of either of them...with the cold weather coming I want to know how to best look after them...but need to know what they are! Hope you can help this new gardener!!

  • Views: 220
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  • Posted: Sun. 4th October 2015 17:03
  • Last reply: Sun. 4th October 2015 18:08

Overwintering globe artichokes

Question from Di Bennett

In forum: Edible gardening

Hello! This year I have successfully raised from seed 3 globe and 3 romanescu artichokes, at first on a warm windowsill, then in a sheltered but quite sunny south-facing spot in the garden in 3 large ceramic pots. I thought they might ultimately do better at the back of a sunny flowerbed, next to the fence.
They are now over 2ft tall, and look healthy. My question is: do I leave them where they are for the winter, just draping garden fleece over a frame to protect from frost, or should I transplant them now (still protecting from frost)- or is there a better time of year to transplant? I really do want to eat those yummy artichokes next year! Thanks in advance.

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  • Posted: Sat. 3rd October 2015 16:11


Question from mike

In forum: General

hi.....I bought a dahlia dark leaf from the local garden centre and potted it.
it has flourished in the pot and has attracted a lot of bees etc., however it has also attracted an awful lot of big flies, which I'm not too keen on and was wondering why this is happening.
thank you for any help

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  • Posted: Mon. 28th September 2015 15:24
  • Last reply: Mon. 12th October 2015 09:14

Where can I get these bulbs?

Question from Ann Cullen

In forum: Iris 'Precious Heather'

Where can I get these bulbs?

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  • Posted: Sun. 27th September 2015 09:29

Perhaps move plant to pot with ericaceous soil, if it's not too big, give ericarecious foliar feed, and see if it recovers ? Check your soul pH in several places before replanting, as this plant will prefer a ph of less than 6.0.

Comment from Jules

In forum: Leucothoe keiskei 'Royal Ruby'

Perhaps move plant to pot with ericarecious soil, if it's not already too big, give ericaceous foliar feed, wait several months, and see if it recovers ? Check your soil pH in several places before replanting, as this plant will prefer a ph of less than 6.0.

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  • Posted: Fri. 25th September 2015 13:29

How to move mature Red Robbin, Acer and Bamboo

Question from Carol

In forum: General

We are building and need to move our mature Red Robbin, Acer and Bamboo. Was planning on potting them into containers over the winter and replant in Spring.
Any suggestions?

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  • Posted: Thu. 24th September 2015 13:21

Is this a mallow?

Question from Helen Leigh

In forum: Identify a plant

I think this is a type of mallow. Am I correct or not? if so what type is it as i can't find one like i in the plant list. If not what is it? Thanks.

  • Views: 236
  • Replies: 3
  • Posted: Thu. 24th September 2015 12:58
  • Last reply: Thu. 24th September 2015 16:46