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Purple Beech

Question from Andrea Simon

In forum: Fagus sylvatica 'Dawyck Purple'

We planted our purple beech Summer last year, it is still waiting to bloom, and brown leaved. All the other beech trees in our area are turning green and we are concerned that it isn't going to come to anything. How long does a fairly new tree take to bloom? there are buds but have beens for a number a months.
I look forward to any comments

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  • Posted: Wed. 29th April 2009 22:48
  • Last reply: Thu. 30th April 2009 18:19

Cimicifuga 'Brunette'

Comment from Georgie

In forum: Actaea simplex (Atropurpurea Group) 'Brunette'

This plant was an impulse buy for me on 26 April 2009. I fell in love immediately with the beautiful foliage and it was a bonus to discover that it's happy in semi shade and has scented flowers. I'm going to grow it with Polemonium yezoense 'Purple Rain' and Ajuga reptans to add some much needed early colour to my semi shaded border.

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  • Posted: Wed. 29th April 2009 20:14

Veronica beccabunga (Brooklime)

Comment from Georgie

In forum: Veronica beccabunga

I bought this plant on 21 March 2009 to grow in my small pond with Typha minima (and with Caltha palustis alongside). It has already spread about a meter and the first flowers were out today. It's looking very healthy and is very popular with hoverflies. I chose it because it's native and will provide some shade for the wildlife I hope to attract.


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  • Posted: Wed. 29th April 2009 20:07
  • Last reply: Fri. 1st May 2009 18:36

Brown Scale on Grapevine

Question from Wendy

In forum: Pests, diseases and invasive biosecurity risks

I have two grapevines in my greenhouse which are covered in brown scale. This is gradually creeping along the branches and also has a sticky clear liquid . I understand that the vines can be tarwashed in December but is there anything that can be sprayed on them now to prevent the problem getting worse? Many thanks.

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  • Posted: Wed. 29th April 2009 12:13
  • Last reply: Sun. 3rd May 2009 19:14

Activation & Care calendar emails

Question from Nicola

In forum: New member

Hi all,

Just wondering if you are actually getting all the emails you expect to from us? So are you getting your monthly care emails and activation emails OK? We are concerned that some may be filtered as spam incorrectly. Just checking you are getting what you expect.

Thanks! Nicoal

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  • Posted: Wed. 29th April 2009 10:23
  • Last reply: Mon. 4th May 2009 10:05

Mrs W. P. Wood

Comment from Laura Thomas

In forum: Fuchsia 'Mrs W. P. Wood'

This fuchsia is a favourite of mine. From April to September it just keeps on flowering. Blooms are very pearly pink, dangly drop earrings which subtly blend with light foliage.

Useful where you want to add height to a border and can be shaped to some extent. Mine grows on the edge of a part-shaded rockery and has taken on a zen like tree structure .

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  • Posted: Tue. 28th April 2009 18:59
  • Last reply: Mon. 4th May 2009 09:37

Yellow Banksia Rose

Comment from Laura Thomas

In forum: Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'

I absolutely love the profusion of sunny little yellow flowers on this mega rambling thornless rose. This is a wonderful easy to care for rambler which flowers from April onwards (mine eventually overshadowed by deciduous tree so does not flower into summer). Prune lightly after flowering and give a Spring feed and it more or less takes care of itself.

Have planted this against sunnyish garden wall and adjacent to Golden Privet which not only complements it but provides plenty of support for long branches. The neighbours appreciate it too hanging over the shared wall.

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  • Posted: Tue. 28th April 2009 18:42

Switch Ivy

Comment from Laura Thomas

In forum: Leucothoe fontanesiana

Also known as Dog Hobble, Switch Ivy is an evergreen shrub which provides interest all year round - new growth is apricot tinted and in autumn the leaves develop a purply bronze tinge to their edges. (was slightly alarmed by this at first as I thought it was a sign of stress or disease). Does not climb despite its name but is a useful ground cover shrub.

In April/May bears pendant, white flowers very similar to Pieris 'Lily of the Valley' with which it complements well.

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  • Posted: Tue. 28th April 2009 18:24

Red Campion

Comment from Laura Thomas

In forum: Silene dioica

a simple but lovely plant for a woodland/wildlife garden. Divide them up in early Spring and they soon clump out to make a pretty pink display.
Plant alongside bluebells or Lungwort 'Lewis Palmer' which has blue-pink flowers. They also complement well with similar shades of osteospermum

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  • Posted: Tue. 28th April 2009 17:45

Reclaim & Recycle..

General post from Laura Thomas

In forum: Green gardening

The Streets of London are paved with gold if you are looking for items to reclaim for use in the garden.

This is one of my favourite 'finds' - a vintage handcart which the local italian restaurant had thrown out during a basement clearance. Makes a great display for container plants.


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  • Posted: Tue. 28th April 2009 17:25
  • Last reply: Wed. 29th April 2009 11:16