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What is wrong with our garden tree?

Question from Brandon

Hey everyone, our 5 year old tree in the front yard corner seems to be suffering from some kind of illness. My wife’s mum planted it so not sure which genus it is - it has spiny branches rather than leaves (Juniper? Cypressum?). Over the last 2-3 months the leafy spines have slowly started to wither to around 50% as seen in pic. Can’t figure out why though as the tree beside it seems fine. Only thing I can think of is it’s either under-watered, over-watered or has been poisoned somehow by passers by or dogs. Possibly insects (some tiny flying insects have been flying around it). We have been scarce with the hose over the UK winter but since start of march they have been getting watered once a month since Feb). Is there any chance it can be saved? Should I trim back the withered parts? More or less water) What tree is it exactly? Thanks, any advice appreciated.

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  • Posted: Sat. 21st May 2022 20:16

cupressus goldcrest brown, dry and brittle

Question from Joanna Skrzypczynska

My cupressus is dying :( We bought it two month ago, I moved it to the bigger pot, water it when top layer dry ( first few days everyday a little) When I noticed brown brunches I sprayed it with suitable bug killer as I though something it eating it. I'm a newbe, tried to read about it but I'm clueless what else I can do. Is that still possible to save it?
All advice very much appreciated. Thank you

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  • Posted: Thu. 19th May 2022 12:10

Trying to find a supplier for Cupressus sempervirens 'Tiny Tower'

Question from Leidij smith

Hi Please can someone advise me of a UK supplier for Cupressus sempervirens 'Tiny Tower' the smaller version of the Italian Cypress as so far Ive only been able to find ones in the US. Hopefully there is someone or this is a gap in the market for people who have smialler gardens but want the Italian look. Fingers crossed

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  • Posted: Sun. 24th October 2021 10:15

Sambucus Black Lace

Question from Caryl Mead

I have a newly planted garden (May 2021). The sambucas is fading already. It was planted in flower and was stunning. It's approx 5 feet tall. It is now 23rd August and the leaves have been failing for a couple of weeks. It is beginning to look quite bare. Is this normal?

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  • Posted: Mon. 23rd August 2021 16:34

trying to identify diseased bush and what will help

Question from barry

Quite sunny garden. I'm trying to identify this bush which on the inside of a garden wall (wall is around 4 ft in height) the bush gets sunshine all day. It appears to have a disease so I'm trying to identify the bush and try and find out what I can do to bring the bush back to life, and how to feed the bush. Some parts of the bush appear to have died. The bush is only around 3 metres in length by around 1 metre width. It has other types of bushes on either end.

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  • Posted: Thu. 6th May 2021 13:47


Question from Shannon Rutledge

Is mid to late February too late to trim back my Crepe Myrtle? They have never been trimmed before & are quite tall & bushy. My neighbors say they are beautiful the way they are, they do bloom a bit late. They have large pink flowers.

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  • Posted: Thu. 4th March 2021 19:48

Watering of alnus cordata shelter trees

Question from Logan Taylor

I live in the North Island of New Zealand and have planted alnus cordata as a shelter. How often should they be watered. I put in a dripper system for each tree but was informed this varity do not need a watering system. They are 2 years old and some are 2.5 metres high.

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  • Posted: Tue. 26th January 2021 04:44

Can I cut some roots of a Silver Birch tree without causing serious harm?

Question from Norman Read

I have to widen the surround of a long, narrow pond near a mature silver birch tree (betula utilis jaquemontii). The roots of the silverbirch seem to have found their way round the original pond, and some go right up to the edge where I have to work, at one point this is only about a metre from the tree.
If I cut some of the small (say, less than 15mm diameter) roots to make space for the widened foundation, will it seriously affect the tree, or will it just sprout new roots?
Second question:
I have tried digging carefully round the roots, removing soil and lowering the roots. Will the tree tolerate this treatment?

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  • Posted: Mon. 23rd November 2020 10:51

Shrubs with a white colour theme?

Question from Robert Lawrence

Can anyone help us please?

We are seriously looking to change one of our main borders from herbaceous perennials to a shrub border with a main colour theme of white, whether in flower or in variegated foliage. This takes me out of an area of which I am modestly comfortable to an unknown!

I'm wondering if any member would care to give us their suggestions and as we are going to buy the shrubs, seems logical if we could buy them from a member as well?

I have attached more information on soil type, position, our first stab at a list and a photo of the border

Thanks for reading.

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  • Posted: Wed. 30th September 2020 15:53

How to cut and grow magnolia cuttings

Question from MARK C. LEE

Hi, have a magnolia that I would like to take cuttings of to grow on, I'm new to this so help is needed. I have a non electric propagator along with cutting gel and compost, what I need to know is how to take the cuttings and then how to grow on. Do I keep them indoors or outside during the day, these sort of questions.
Thanks Mark

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  • Posted: Wed. 1st July 2020 21:59