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Prunus Subhirtella Pendula - Weeping Cherry

Question from Sue Bolton

My daughter has bought a weeping cherry - prunus subhirtella pendula for her garden. She wants to grow it in a large container beneath a sturdy wooden pergola with the branches trailing down over the top of the pergola. It’s approx 10 ft in height. The garden centre she bought it from have said that it won’t grow too much taller than its current height in the next 5 - 10 years and will be fine in a container provided it’s kept watered. I’m unsure whether it will be ok in a container or it should be planted in the ground. Any suggestions welcome.

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  • Posted: Fri. 12th April 2019 20:10
  • Last reply: Thu. 18th April 2019 15:55

Cupressus 'Totem Pole' - pruning

Question from Jainey


I am considering buying some Cupressus 'Totem Pole'. I know they have the potential to grow quite tall and I know they are slow growing. However, is it possible to prune them to keep them at a desired height?

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  • Posted: Sat. 2nd February 2019 11:23

How to take cuttings

Question from john

How and when best time to take cuttings of Physocarpus Opulifolius Diabolo are they softwood or hardwood cuttings

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  • Posted: Tue. 6th November 2018 15:48

5 West Himalayan Birch Trees

Question from Anne Adrienne Colley

These are in a row, 5 ft apart in a flower bed. 10 ft high. The branches overhang a joint fence. How do I prune them to prevent them getting taller/wider ? Thank you.

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  • Posted: Tue. 16th October 2018 12:12

bonzai eucalyptus

Question from simone wiesbauer

Hi, I have just successfully grown and potted on 5 Eucalyptus Deglupta. I would like to grow them as Bonzai in pots. Not worried if they get big! Does anyone have any advice or has anyone done this before?

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  • Posted: Thu. 30th August 2018 13:01

Very Mature Viburnum Bodnantense Dawn partially died - can I save it?

Question from Vivien Tavener

My Viburnum Bodnantense Dawn is about 30 years old and approx. 10 feet tall. Over the years I have taken off the lower branches to lift the canopy which has worked really well. However after last winter two of the large trunks growing from ground level appear to have died and I am worried that I might lose the whole plant which would leave a huge gap. Any ideas if the rest of the plant might survive - it looks healthy apart from the two trunks that have died. Thank you very much.

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  • Posted: Sun. 3rd June 2018 18:12
  • Last reply: Tue. 5th June 2018 08:26

Silver Birch - sap 'bleeding'.

Question from David Cole

I had to remove a three-inch diameter branch from my Silver Birch five days ago. The sap is still 'bleeding' quite significantly - dripping to the ground once or twice a minute. Is there anything I can, or should be doing to help?

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  • Posted: Sat. 14th April 2018 18:05

New growth or rootstock growth on forysthia?

Question from M McC

There is an old forsythia in our shared garden, and it has turned into a small tree, with diseased growths. I would like to rejuvenate it over a few years, so I cut back about a third of the branches last year. There is new growth but I'm not sure if it is from the rootstock. Please can anyone advise? Thank you.

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  • Posted: Mon. 19th March 2018 17:08
  • Last reply: Sun. 25th March 2018 09:17

What kind of plant is this?

Comment from vanessa kukola

It was sold as a 10foot Tropical plant. Apparently needs to be watered once a week however they did not know what kind of plant it was. Apparently needs a lot of light, either artificial or natural. Anyone know?

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  • Posted: Fri. 26th January 2018 00:16

Stump removal - Honey Fungus risk?

Question from Steve


Moved into a property last year and have just had a row of 35ft Leylandii removed which was 'planted' in a raised bed 2ft off the ground. I was expecting to see a mass of large roots and poor dry soil under the shingle and membrane but to my surprise it was nice black crumbly soil, full of worms and not a root in sight. I have dug down 12 inches so far and am just coming to the top of the flare. So someone in their wisdom in the past buried these poor trees up past their ankles in soil, no wonder they were in such poor condition.
The question is what should i do with the stumps and whats the risk of honey fungus developing. I could hire a stump grinder or i could simply get out my chain saw and take them off as far as i can dig down, probably 16inches. If i did that, covered them in 16inches of soil and planted a yew hedge on top is there a risk of honey fungus from what remains of the stump? Any other ideas? I can really only work on 1 or 2 stumps at a time and move the soil along as i go covering the previous two i worked on. thanks

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  • Posted: Thu. 7th September 2017 15:35