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Hoping to find help here

Question from Jenny Sagi

I have just treated myself to a small greenhouse 6' x6' with no previous experience, is there anyone out there who could give me advice as to best way to start? Judging from other forum contributors there are more questions than answers!

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  • Posted: Wed. 1st August 2012 08:31
  • Last reply: Tue. 2nd October 2012 10:35

damp greenhouse

Question from ian

I have just moved into a new house which came with a greenhouse in the garden.Obviously it has not been used for some time because it is full of spiders and every other sort of insect,it also feels quite damp inside.I would like to use this to overwinter some tender plants, any ideas how i can get rid of the insects and the dampness (all the glass is intact but the flooring is just compacted soil) also if i need heating during the cold months what type is best. thanks.

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  • Posted: Tue. 13th September 2011 12:31
  • Last reply: Wed. 14th September 2011 09:31

Heavy tomato crops.

Question from Barry Tabor

As some members already know, I have been 'running in' a new g'house. I had small ones before, but now have a more useful, larger one. I have never had such heavy crops as I am getting this year. I used canes tied to the structure and the little rings sold by the hundred to support the plants, but often wondered if that would be enough. It wasn't, and this morning I found a heavily-laden 'Alicante' plant collapsed in a heap. I have now added string ties to the other plants, and hope this will suffice (Other varieties are 'Sweet Olive' and 'Shirley'). What successful methods are employed by other members to prevent heavy tomato plants from collapsing under the weight of the developing trusses, please?

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  • Posted: Sat. 6th August 2011 08:16
  • Last reply: Fri. 20th July 2012 12:11

What is wrong in my greenhouse?

Question from Jeanette Raymer

I have a new greenhouse in its first growing season. My tomatoes and cucumbers are suffering from something (see pictures) I am careful with watering, have slit the underneath of the gro-bags, have started to feed the plants. The cucumbers have a lot of leaf damage but do have some fruits appearing. They look weedy and not 'lush'. The tomatoes are weedy, have some flowers (not many) but non set as yet. I do shake them daily.
My Peppers and Chillies are thriving and look robust and fine.
The greenhouse has not got too hot and I use lace curtaining for shading.
The tomatoes have been grown by me from seed.
My seed cucumbers all died and I replaced them with bought plants. Can anyone advise me as to whether to continue with them or take them out of the greenhouse altogether. Help!!!

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  • Posted: Fri. 17th June 2011 17:56
  • Last reply: Fri. 5th August 2011 08:03

edible crops for a cold greenhouse

Question from lee

I have a Black Hamburgh grapevine growing in a cold greenhouse that fruits very well.Would anyone know of other edible fruit or veg that require similar growing conditions?

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  • Posted: Mon. 2nd May 2011 14:46

cell plug trays

General post from emma brooksbank

Does anyone know where I can get hold of very small plug cell trays I have just received 50 small plug plants from sutton seeds the cell tray they use is only 6"x4" and holds 50 plugs I am after something very similar to these as I have limited space
regards emma

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  • Posted: Wed. 27th April 2011 10:16

Cut flowers

Comment from Brian

What should I grow for year round cut flowers from a small frost free greenhouse?

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  • Posted: Wed. 13th April 2011 10:00