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Fagus sylvatica 'Dawyck Purple'

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Can I plant it here

Question from Tamara

I want to plant a fagus dawyck purple beside my house on a south facing side. I want to know if the root system will try to break into my foundation or if it is safe.

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  • Posted: Wed. 23rd March 2011 01:39
  • Last reply: Wed. 23rd March 2011 05:27

Pruning Fagus Sylvatica 'Dawyk Purple'

Question from Chrissy Spooner

I planted 3 of Fagus sylvatica Dawyk Purple this winter & want them to grow into 2m wide cylinders approx. 3m tall. How & when would I prune them to create this effect? I'm concerned about pruning the leader.

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  • Posted: Wed. 30th June 2010 11:54
  • Last reply: Wed. 30th June 2010 18:17

Purple Beech

Question from Andrea Simon

We planted our purple beech Summer last year, it is still waiting to bloom, and brown leaved. All the other beech trees in our area are turning green and we are concerned that it isn't going to come to anything. How long does a fairly new tree take to bloom? there are buds but have beens for a number a months.
I look forward to any comments

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  • Posted: Wed. 29th April 2009 22:48
  • Last reply: Thu. 30th April 2009 18:19