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How do I archive a garden?

Question from Lindsay

I have several finished gardens on my subscription that I wish to archive so I can add new clients onto the database, but its not clear how to archive them?? Can someone explain please?

  • Views: 40
  • Replies: 1
  • Posted: Tue. 17th October 2017 18:35
  • Last reply: Wed. 18th October 2017 07:38

how do i delete an archived garden

Question from Peter Seed

any help would be appreciated

  • Views: 178
  • Replies: 3
  • Posted: Tue. 14th March 2017 10:35
  • Last reply: Wed. 15th March 2017 12:35

Photos on my account

Question from Julie Macavoy

Some of the photos that I've uploaded to my account are wrongly orientated. Is there any way to correct this?

  • Views: 109
  • Replies: 1
  • Posted: Fri. 3rd March 2017 20:57
  • Last reply: Sun. 5th March 2017 05:47

Recording seed sowing

Question from Susan White

Is there any section of the site where I can record seed sowing and progress?
I grow a lot of seeds and like to keep records

  • Views: 61
  • Replies: 1
  • Posted: Tue. 21st February 2017 23:36
  • Last reply: Mon. 20th March 2017 06:29

Printing the care calendar.

Question from Pete Lock

I used to be able to print my month's tasks on a single page, take it into the garden, and work through it. Now I get 5 pages with pictures!
Is there any way to return to the previous version?

  • Views: 112
  • Replies: 3
  • Posted: Wed. 1st February 2017 09:04
  • Last reply: Mon. 20th February 2017 09:56

My Plant List

Question from Martin Harris

How do I remove a plant from my Plalant List

  • Views: 104
  • Replies: 0
  • Posted: Mon. 23rd January 2017 11:13

Is there any way to delete a group?

Question from Pete Lock

I have some that I no longer use.

  • Views: 206
  • Replies: 2
  • Posted: Thu. 3rd November 2016 15:59
  • Last reply: Thu. 3rd November 2016 20:07

managing my plant list

Question from Bill Broad

I'm a new member to Shootgardening and having imported my plant list I've got one or two duplicate enteries. However, I just can't see how to delete these duplicates. Can anybody help? Thanks.

  • Views: 154
  • Replies: 3
  • Posted: Mon. 17th October 2016 16:35
  • Last reply: Tue. 18th October 2016 16:50


Question from John Barnett

I was searching to see if there was a Tulipa Mixed in the database and the results returned hundreds of plants mostly not Tulipa, how do I do a specific search to discard the unwanted results.

  • Views: 268
  • Replies: 1
  • Posted: Sun. 16th October 2016 09:21
  • Last reply: Tue. 13th December 2016 11:59

Plant notes

Question from Frank Barker

How do I delete (as opposed to edit) a 'Plant Note'.

  • Views: 258
  • Replies: 1
  • Posted: Tue. 29th March 2016 14:19
  • Last reply: Tue. 29th March 2016 16:06