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Philadelphus - Mock Orange

Tip from Fi

I consulted a gardening expert (on Three Counties Radio! Sat mornings 9-12) yesterday on my leggy philadelphus.
He said you can coppice these after flowering (Apr/May) to about a third of their height, and get fresh leafy growth for the next year. He suggested doing this every two years, taking only a third off each alternate year. Has anyone tried this?

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  • Posted: Sun. 23rd September 2007 12:35
  • Last reply: Sat. 29th September 2007 09:40

Greengage trees

Question from Fi

I have three greengage trees which fruit well, but in August before they ripen many of the fruit turn mouldy - too many to pick off. Also in previous years much of the fruit has contained tiny maggots next to the stone. Needless to say we now cut them open and destone before eating! They are delicious though and any tips for saving more fruit would be welcome. Two of the trees are quite old.

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  • Posted: Wed. 19th September 2007 14:37
  • Last reply: Sun. 23rd September 2007 12:19