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Slugs & Snails!!! UGH!!!

Question from Helen Skerratt

I've heard that ground coffee scattered around plants will keep away slugs & snails. Is this true & should I head off to Costa coffee to get free sack full of the stuff????


  • Views: 700
  • Replies: 3
  • Posted: Sat. 10th August 2013 20:30
  • Last reply: Wed. 4th November 2015 08:25

Slugs have devoured my hostas

Question from Isabel Zinaburg

My hostas have been decimated by slugs. One or two are already growing new leaves - can I cut the eaten laves back to aloow the new ones more room to grow? The eaten ones look awful.

  • Views: 1100
  • Replies: 4
  • Posted: Mon. 25th July 2011 13:47
  • Last reply: Sat. 6th October 2012 17:38