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What are the best how to garden videos (YouTube, Instagram) that you have found online?

Comment from Nicola

We'd love to start a resource of the best 'how to garden' videos on the internet. Have you created some to share? Have you seen some great ones? Please share below. Thanks!

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  • Posted: Mon. 13th April 2020 15:19
  • Last reply: Mon. 13th April 2020 17:42


Question from Jayne Grisdale

Can I take a cutting from a clematis armandi

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  • Posted: Mon. 1st April 2019 18:05

Crocosmia 'Lucifer' care

Question from Anne Colley

I have 3 Crocosmia 'Lucifer' in a west-facing bed with part sun/part shade. They have not flowered very well and finished flowering in late July. How can I produce more flowers?

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  • Posted: Sun. 6th August 2017 08:57

How to prune Buddleja Morning Mist

Question from JAN LESSER

I have a Buddleja Morning Mist in a sunny well-drained bed. The label says it grows no higher than one metre, which suite me. But how hard should I prune it - down to the ground in March or not so drastically? I've had it a few years and have pruned it to about 6 inches, but it has now a narrow base and a top-heavy looking upper part with its leaves and flowers. Has anyone got a similar shrub and how are you pruning it. Thanks

  • Views: 1479
  • Replies: 2
  • Posted: Mon. 9th February 2015 10:45
  • Last reply: Sun. 7th August 2016 14:48

Can Amelanchier Canadensis be pruned as a hedge

Question from Joanna Hewitt

I have bought a house with a row of Amelanchier Canadensis in the small front garden. Can they be pruned to make a hedge, as there is not room for them to grow into trees.

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  • Posted: Thu. 1st May 2014 03:05
  • Last reply: Mon. 11th August 2014 21:47

Pruning wisteria

Comment from Iain Harkess

How and when to prune wisteria to encourage flowering in spring? My first flush of flowers has usually been poor but my second flush of flowers in July/August is much better. How do I turn this around?

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  • Posted: Thu. 1st August 2013 07:53

Hellebore seed propagation

Question from kevin bellchambers

Has anybody got any advice on growing hellebores from seed,
Is it best to plant seed in pots or trays and what type of soil?
I've just received some Helen ballads seeds and hoping to get some success.
Many thanks kevin

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  • Posted: Mon. 1st April 2013 09:08
  • Last reply: Tue. 2nd April 2013 17:19

Cypripedium - Lady Slipper Orchids

Comment from Globetrotter Gardener

I am interested in terrestrial orchids used in the landscape and would like to see a video on dividing and planting Cypripedium.

  • Views: 768
  • Replies: 3
  • Posted: Sat. 2nd March 2013 17:07
  • Last reply: Mon. 11th March 2013 15:53

Pieris Japan Katsura

General post from Shanti Tanna

Can anyone help me?

I have acquired above plant some weeks back. After about a week, despite properly planting and feeding, the plant has started wilting. Is it possible to stop wilt and make it lively again?

Will be most grateful for any assistance.

Kind regards
Shanti Tanna

  • Views: 1567
  • Replies: 3
  • Posted: Thu. 21st April 2011 09:56
  • Last reply: Fri. 20th May 2011 21:08

bulb planting in containers

Question from Katrine

Hi everyone
I'm brand new to gardening, and brand new to shoot.
Was wondering if I could get some help on how to plant bulbs in containers - should I vary the depth to achieve different heights?
and how do I tell which plants would grow happily together in the same container?
Also, it is possible to plant different plants to maintain interest across the four seasons?
Many thanks for all help and tips:)

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  • Posted: Tue. 5th April 2011 00:02
  • Last reply: Tue. 5th April 2011 19:09