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How do we get rid of acanthus

Question from Suzanne Warring

We have several clumps of Acanthus in our garden and would like to get rid of them. No success in trying to dig them up as there always seems to be a tiny bit left which then grows into another plant. The roots are really deep and some seem to be amongst unmovable stones. As suggested by a local gardener we tried painting onto the leaves neat Roundup mixed with a little Fairyliquid (?!) but this only seemed to kill those particular leaves and up sprang new growth. We do not know exactly which variety of Acanthus we have - only that we want it gone. We live in Cornwall. Would appreciate any suggestions.


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  • Posted: Mon. 2nd April 2012 05:43
  • Last reply: Fri. 12th September 2014 14:58


Comment from Trui Malten

I have inherited my garden with a big acanthus that seems to be spreading and sprouting up anywhere it can. How and when do I take care of the sprouting? I guess I did it at the wrong time this year as there are plenty of beautiful leaves, but no flowers so far.
I like the plant, but don't want it to take over my entire small garden.

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  • Posted: Mon. 3rd October 2011 11:16
  • Last reply: Mon. 3rd October 2011 18:57

No flowers

Comment from Jill Crawley

Plenty of healthy looking green leaves but no flowers for the second year running. Any ideas , please?

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  • Posted: Tue. 2nd August 2011 20:21
  • Last reply: Fri. 21st February 2014 12:45

Acanthus Mollis - rotting?

Question from J&L

The leaves appear to be rotting - yellowing with brown edges, there are a few small circular holes. Plant info says mainly pest free but our plants are far from healthy! Any ideas??

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  • Posted: Sun. 25th July 2010 19:50
  • Last reply: Wed. 28th July 2010 17:30

Acanthus mollis

Comment from Miriam Mesa-Villalba

The leaves of this plant are generally considered by historians to have been the design inspiration for the Corinthian column capitals of Roman architecture.
In Spain I have seen the subsp platyphyllos.

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  • Posted: Wed. 13th May 2009 17:51